Monday, May 1, 2023



The King Of The Emotion


The king of the ocean, has touched my emotion

The heavy sky without you, pins me with pain every day, 

How can I wake up tomorrow without you?


Stop the sun, or I burn to crisp like a vampire

Let it be dark, without him I can’t find the light without him,

Can’t swim trough life without him, he was my life jacket


I’ll never find you again, I feel pain every day

If I can see you one more time, I like to say that you’re my sunshine,

That your smile is brighter than the sun light.


In the air there must be poison that only give me flashbacks of you

The sound waves of her/him Wisdom that flew threw,

My ear drums, like a hawk soaring in the sky

Every squeak reminds me of your soft voice,


The king of the ocean, has touched my emotion

The heavy sky without pins me with pain every day,

How can I wake up tomorrow without you?


A Dream In A Fog


Love ships,

White ghosts of mist rise through the dream,

Your hands anchored in the foam of the waves

They dance to the tempo of the dances.

And you?

You sense a shipwreck.

You're not singing your favorite song

Songs die in your throat,

I'm smart, I feel what's going on

Of course, I'm not her - your fairy?

And me?

Do I know what that means?

All thoughts die before my eyes.

Words are lost and unproven...

They are love ships,

White spirits of youth

Spirits of the mist through sleep,

A dream that weighs a ton.

A dream that will not be blown away by a strong wind,

Reality, that will teach me not to love again.


Old Clothes


The pain is greatest when you have no one to share it with

Schneider does not mend his ragged clothes,

Customers are always more important,

There is no time for his worthless ragged clothes!

That's why my coat has been hanging on a hanger since time immemorial,

behind the door.


I'm looking for a rival,

I'm also looking for a blunt needle with which to wipe,

I will wipe the rags that hung over me

They hang from everywhere, from every side,

Moth holes appeared on the sleeves and collar.


Even the buttons are torn,

Is it worth it to wash these rags?

Or should I buy a new coat?

Not only the coat, but all my clothes are also old,

Everything is torn, a piece is missing from every item of clothing.


No rival,

As every new garment will not replace the old,

But it will cover this naked body.

I believe,

That every torn piece of the coat has its own value

Every hole in the clothes has its own meaning,

For every overhanging torn rag there is a scream and a cry.




OLIVERA JOVANOVSKA was born on the 21st of July 1970 in Bitola, Macedonia. Since (1986 -2021) she lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Sine 2021 she returns to Macedonia with hope to spend the rest of her life in her birth country. She obtained a diploma in Administration and Business Management, which are the main factors for her successful management of a health-food business. She’s shown love for poetry from her young age. She is the author of the poetry collections "Unfulfilled Love" (2020), "Magic Love Words" (2021), "Thawing Feelings" (2022), "Listen to your heart" (2023). She is the author of the novel "Labyrinth of Truth" (2021), which was also published into English, and Albanian (2022) also in Russian (2023). Her poetry and prose have been published in several collections and anthologies in Macedonia. Olivera has been awarded several times for poetry and prose in Australia and Macedonia. Some of her poems have been performed by famous Macedonian performers.

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