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Is This What They Call Love?


He was born and smiled.

He discovered a new world with amazement,

his mother's smile greeted him,

What alchemy transforms pain into love?

Will it be the first lesson he learned?

the lost word in dark matter,

in the maze of life,


The fledgling stonemason who cuts his stone,

spattering his cloak with rubble,

wounding unconscious, his own hand,

filling his eyes with scum,

turning them red,

filling them with tears,

but by his side he feels patient; without anger,

the companion and teacher: his brother,

to teach him how to shape his stone,

protecting it from the stubble,

covering him with his apron,

Is this what they call love?

He doesn't avert his eyes

of the man who stretches out his hand,

among the souls that come and go,

who extends his hand asking for a piece of bread,

Among the garden where once stood an apple tree,

Is this what they call love?

 fight daily with the fierce chimera,

that burns the man who believes in absolute reason

Could it be that you believe that freedom is the same as love?

Could it be that he senses the same chimera that strikes with his dragon legs? ,

He keeps fighting because he believes that his heart has its own conviction,

Gentlemen I want to know:

Is this what they call love?

He, on his lips, always has a smile drawn,

in his hands that give without waiting he has a song,

He feels his breeze on his face from the stars,

and feeds on the honey of forgiveness,

without hesitation he covers the naked with his shirt,

recognizes his siblings as such

combs the hair of wise Artemis,

And recognize THE ALL and love as one,

like the great immortal.

Is this what they call love?

God I want to know

Why am I feeling a magnet inside of me?

my two opposite poles repudiating each other,

but powerfully attracted to each other,

with the force of a sledgehammer,

with the strength of God,

and his arm,

Plunging a chisel deep inside of me

Is this what they call love?

Answer please


The Spectrum In Love


My soul never rested in peace

I visited her every night

raiding his grave,

his deadly intimacy.

He slid the earthenware from his grave,

accommodating my skeleton,

in love,

about yours,

still with tatters of clothes,

with whom he enjoyed in life of love,

apparently all prohibited,

a furtive love like mine,

Always clandestine love

With the tips of my phalanges,

caressed the kneecaps and his femur,

I rubbed my jaws in its cold warmth,

tried to kiss his skull;

clean, white, stark and rugged,

with their empty sockets,

making me doubt whether to go beyond the coccyx,

or just look for the place,

 where once hung her breasts,

somewhere lost in his plexus.

With the metacarpal back he played,

the end of your spine,

where your buttocks once existed,

the threshold was of his body,

he tried to bite them with his teeth,

but there were only their ghosts,

and his pubis claimed the absence of bone,

of the spectrum of my sex,

It was spectral, sepulchral love,

I wanted my desire to set fire to his grave,

make a pyre with their bones,

burn forever with its fire,

he wanted to turn me into ashes with his hell,

and then,

merge your soul with my ego,

Until reincarnation do us part.


Can Someone Interpret My Dream?


-Someone could interpret my dream? -

I dreamed of stones

countries with owners

poison ivy:

- Could someone interpret my dream? -

I dreamed of percussion

with drums of war

skins with leprosy,

children's hands,

in the bloody spikes,

complex follies,

and borders that kill,

salts that crack

fruitless conversations,

arms that drown,

mental walls,

weeping women,

taboos that kill,

deadly ideologies,

senseless indifference,

of whites and blacks,

of rich and poor:

! the trap and the rat!

Could someone interpret my dream?




RODOLFO ZAMORA COREA: Writer and poet born February 14, 1966, in Nicaragua, based in Costa Rica. His poems have been translated into Vietnamese, Arabic, English, Italian, Romanian among other world languages. Read in more than 50 countries around the world and with more than 10 literary works and dozens of international recognitions. Publishes with major literary groups in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Americas including the United States. His works can be read virtually in the virtual library of Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale, University of New Mexico, New York University, among others, as well as in the virtual Library of Congress of the United States of America, Library of the Bank Central de Nicaragua and WORLD CAT-OCLC considered the largest online catalog in the world.


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