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Do Not Close The Door


Don't close the door,

after your departure

Let them stay, scents of

your perfume

To listen your steps on the old stairs

It will be easier for me, because it will stay

hope in my senses

memories and expectations, of your faster return.

Do not close the door of your heart

let me get faster and never do not let me go,

let me wander aimlessly.

Do not close the door of your soul

I Leave her to warm me and I can breathe freely,

I'm cold!

Never close the door, my wounds hurt

Don't close the door

You will lose the keys from the lock

My wounds will hurt you...

Don't close the door, come back as soon

As possible!


NE zatvaraj vrata


 Ne zatvaraj vrata posle tvoga odlaska

Ostavi da ostanu ,mirisi tvog parfema

Da slusam tvoje korake  starim stepenicama

Lakše će mi biti, jer će ostati

nadanja u mojim setilima

 sećanja i očekivanja, tvog bržeg povratka.

Ne zatvaraj vrata tvog srca

pustime da ugjem i nikada me ne

 puštaj da odem  ,da besciljno lutam.

Ne zatvaraj vrata tvoje duše

 Ostavi je da me grije i slobodno dišem,

 hladno mi je!

Ne zatvaraj nikada vrata, bolu me rane

Ne zatvaraj vrata

Izgubićes ključeve sa brave

Boleće te  moje rane..

Ne zatvaraj vrata , vrati se što prije!


Mala heroina


Sunce sija a ti spavaš, pod ruševinama svoje kuće. Princezo moja draga!

Povjetarac raznosi mirise. A ti si, prekriven prašinom, kamenje hladan, ugušen od bola.

Zagrliš brata umjesto lutke,

Zaboravili ste na školske klupe, sveske i olovke.

Ti si mala heroina iz dječijeg crtanog filma.

 Primjer kako se voli u teškim trenucima života

Zemlja se trese!

Šta je ovo sila?

Zajedno se smejete, molite, da se ovo završi,

  jednog dana opet deca

 osmesi vide i čist vazduh mirišu.


Little Heroine


The sun is shining and you are sleeping,

under the ruins of your house.

Princess my dear!

The breeze blows the scents.

And you are, covered under dust,

stones feeling cold,

suffocate from pain.

You hug your brother instead of a doll,

You forgot about school desks, notebooks and pencils.

You are a little heroine from a children's cartoon.

 An example of how to love in difficult moments of life

The earth is shaking!

What is this force?

You laughing together, praying, this to end,

one day again children

smiles see and clean air smelling.





SABAHETA ETA MERSIMI, born 1956 living at village Zitose _ North Macedonia, married, mother of 4 lovely children’s and 7 grandchildren. Pensioner, humanist, BORKA, for human rights of women. and marginalizing groups in rural area. Her hobbies from an early age are reading, writing poetry, creativity, Hobby writing. First participation in the anthology " Dance with death & quot, and then, regjale, Opa June 2021,, reseetrese 21 ,,, International Festival_Gostivar ,, Prayers 1200 ,, and the first independent Collection of Data Poetry, called ,, Imagination ,,. great enthusiast, sociability communicativeness, tirelessness, optimistic outlook on life rejoices and is satisfied with small things, draws themes and her inspiration is imagined 1st from the life of each individual, life, through encounters Communications come deep from the soul Painted on pieces of paper.


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