Monday, May 1, 2023



The Truths Inside The Veins!


Here around the heart

close to faith and love

hidden in caresses

and in the breaths of time

the voices of life remain mute

as long as they don't weigh

inside this human shell.

These songs are roses

but they are also knives

ready to cleave the world

they look for the why and the answers

they feed on doubts and reflections

faithful to history and values

they fight for freedom and faith.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.                   


Love Tell Me About The Sea



tell me about the sea

of its many secrets

of unexplored depths

where the sunlight

love never comes

where they lie

the lives of innocents

children and women

elderly and men

drowned in the sea

of the illusion

of deception.


tell me

of the white death

of human bodies

little creatures

you sacrifice

for a chimera

divine souls

daughters of the earth

of this drowned pain


in the bowels of the sea.    


In The Caresses Of A Mother


It's in the hands

the love

that steals the soul

and pour out life

in the song of a child

in the caresses of a mother

in all that is love.

It is the face of a life

present in the heart

of every woman

who marries

the joy of living

together with love

born from the womb.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta



FRANCESCO FAVETTA: He was born in Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, true culture, food for the soul! So far, he has written more than 4000 poems, he also writes philosophical reflections and thoughts. In 2018 he was awarded by the Accademia di Sicilia, Academician of Sicily.


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