Monday, May 1, 2023



Madame Word And Mister Thought



I have talked a little


With great sorrow


But I am saying

That you will not misunderstand me

At the end these are only the words

Of the poet

And you know that it is allowed

to undress the covered thoughts

Every part to undress

So they can wear the costumes of my preference

In every naked part


If this is enough for you

To say I love you

I decide to prefer

What everyone says

To everyone

And the man to his wife


I have completely another idea



What if

The thought has no value for the word

Or the word

The Spirit of human being

Is vocal without thinking deeply

You are miss word

And me, mister wisdom

I have seen them just like this

Myself with you and you with myself

Even this formula of love


Where it has remained after


This is why

You are gorgeous Madame Word

When Mr. Wisdom

Gives the beauty to you



Let’s continue then

We should gather our forces



Is looking at us with anxiety

What is happening with us

But never mind

Miss Word

I want to kiss you now

Only once

Because the second and the third

I don’t know how they will come

Let freedom live in freedom


The word

And the brain

Speak what they wish


I want my first kiss now


Under The Shade Of Memory


I told you something forgotten

The things that you will not remember even tomorrow


Forgiveness is always much more ancient

When silence is traveling


At the oak dried from the sun

I am awaiting you

In the same line with the verse

Hung in the abyss of the mountain


There I await only love

And I sat to relax


I tried to

Exhaust the autumn or to dream the light

Only to say a word


For The Vase Of Worry



Drink your glass


The red wine of the worry

Of her


Drink it to get drunk

All of it

And don’t let the drop fall

In the verse

Which is being written in solitude


The way you are

You are not a man.




JETON KELMENDI: Jeton Kelmendi PhD. Poet, player, publicist, translator, publisher, a professor of university and academic. Born in the city of Peja, Kosovo (1978), Jeton Kelmendi completed elementary school in his birth place. Later he continued his studies at the University of Pristina and received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication. He completed his graduate studies at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, specializing in International and Security Studies. He finished his second master degree in diplomacy. Kelmendi did a PhD in the “Influence of media in EU Political Security Issues”. He is professor at AAB University College. He is active member of the European Academy of Science and Arts in Salzburg Austria. For many years he has written poetry, prose, essays and short stories. He is a regular contributor to many newspapers, in Albania and abroad, writing on many cultural and political topics, especially concerning international affairs. Jeton Kelmendi became well known in Kosova, after the publication of his first book entitled: “The Century of Promises” (“Shekulli i Premtimeve”), published in 1999.  Later he published a number of other books. His poems are translated in more that thirty-seven languages and published in several international Literature Anthologies. He is the most translated Albanian Poet and well known in Europe. According to a number of literary critics, Kelmendi is the genuine representative of modern Albanian poetry. International critics and poets wrote for him a lot of article, considering him as great European poet. He is a member of many international cultural institutions, poetry clubs and is a contributor to many literary and cultural magazines, in different Languages around the world. The wisdom of his work in the field of Literature is based in the attention that he pays to the poetic expression, modern exploration of the text and the depth of the message.  His Genre is focused more on love lyrics and elliptical verse intertwined with metaphors and artistic symbolism. Currently resides and works in Brussels, Belgium and in Pristina, Kosovo.


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