Monday, May 1, 2023



In Your Roots


In your roots

I warmed my freckles in the sun

you let me in

humming a quiet song

blown by the wind on the branches

you have silenced the outside

I could rest


I swayed to your rhythm and

I breathed listening

in the heartbeat of Mother Earth

and every breath

was becoming the beginning

new life


I'd Like To Rest


I'd like to rest

anchor my feet in you

in your arms you would close fatigue

I would travel safely at night

after known constellations

welcoming the familiar suns

and watching the birth of supernovae

we would drift

across an ocean of wrinkled sheets

watching favorable alignments of stars above us

to be where I anchor my feet

start new days




I went barefoot today

in a sun-warmed meadow

insect concerts

they accompanied me as I sat under a tree


the sun with every breath

gold poured into me

activating love and light

the grass swayed lazily a

the leaves hummed our songs

the earth breathed calmly


and suddenly the familiar images changed

into vibrating energies

woven into one braid

in me-

everything was alive


earth, galaxies, sun and Me

with one flicker of light

came from a common source



and I spilled love in each of us




BRYGIDA BLAZEWICZ: Born. 1967 in Bydgoszcz. Since 1998, a resident of Warsaw. Winner of the first place in the 2nd National Literary Competition for a Work Inspired by Bielawa's Photographs in 2013 and a distinction in the 3rd edition of the same competition. In 2014, she received a distinction at the National Competition for "Poem about Pułtusk". Author of the volumes "Moth" (2013 debut), "The smell of violets" (2016), "Moon in Tolo" (2020). Since 2017, she has been a member of the Association of Polish Authors, on behalf of the Association of Polish Authors, she has represented and still represents Polish culture and Polish language at meetings with Poles in Vilnius. Brygida Błażewicz'S poems were included in four ("Freedom", "Pętla", "Pąsowe wersy", "Poppy") international anthologies of the Association of Polish Authors. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Wawer, one of the districts of Warsaw, her 4 poems were included in the anthology Zielony Wawer (2016). Her poems and stories have been published since 2013 in the nationwide literary monthly Libertas, nationwide literary portals Granice and Liternet on the Golden Line social networking site in the group Poetry, Wers, Poetry Universe, Garden of poets and in many anthologies: Sudecka Poezja and Proza X - Historia na murze (2014), Garden of Poets (2015, 2016), Poetic Cafe and Poetic Cafe 2 (2015, 2016), Literary Platform (2016). She writes poetry in Polish and English. Since 2012, she has been running her own poetic page on FB Brygida Błażewicz, Follow me. Since 2018, she has been cooperating with Pomost radio and television as an editor dealing with the literary side of broadcast programs. Her hobbies are: people watching, diving, cycling, classical music, especially Bach compositions.


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