Tuesday, August 1, 2023





Cool winds soothing

Whispering air calling

Silence in the realms

As darkness prevailed

Stars and moon tried

To give light to horizon

but the sphere adamant,

Cold winds progressing

Icy feelings, uneasy while

Glaring at the dark skies

With arrayed stars

Tried to reach mankind

Through their light

But remained far, far away,

The abstract emotions

Aroused neither fear

Nor excitement but one

Remained waiting

For dreams to come

In the midst of fiery struggle,

Yet one sure in 3am

Despite the coolness

The fire of love

Remained flaming in heart.

Still flaming appeasing, the

Dying and icing mind. . .

©Joel Aparecio Bernasor




Profound innovation

Of the adventurous mind

Trying to make a breakthough

Between thy existence

and the undiscover realms,

which they called

Impossible to comprehend

making a threshold

Between tradition

And exploration toward

Convenience and comfortability,

Zeroes and ones, zeroes and ones

Creates another being

Birthed as Artificial Intelligence

And machine learning

And evolving creation

From controlled to self transformation

And the world will be in

A new dimension of reality,

Soon we will fade

Like a dying stars in heaven

And shall be succeeded

By another being

More capable, more worthy

To take care this horizons. .

©Joel Aparecio Bernasor


Silence, Where Is Peace?


Reclination of the East

Rise the obelisk of unknown

Wrangling of ignorance

As silence emerged

But peace wherein

Underneath the dreams

The yearnings of the young

Over the disarrayed world

Filled with ruins of misunderstandings

Silence, where is peace,

Peace the twins of silence

But never been a siblings

There is silence but filled

With tensions and stress

In the horizon of struggle

Peace is nowhere in the

Rubble of stones and bricks

Peace remains nowhere,

But her voice echoed from

A distant under the moonlight

Of the night alone in the midst

Like a dying star in universe

Voice incomprehensible yet

Echoed like a light seeking

For a passage in the hallway

Of the struggle of life

To be heard willing to hear

Wailing star, wailing moon

Seeing peace slowly left alone

In the midst of the realms

Alone and lonely beneath

The dying dreams of harmony. . .

©Joel Aparecio Bernasor




JOEL APARECIO BERNASOR: The Author is, currently a corporate consultant with inclination to writing and poetry. Residing and working in Valencia City, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines



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