Saturday, April 1, 2017



I am who I am.
Grounded in reality as a result of events,
Taking chances and informed choices.
I do not know how much was up to me,
Or how much of fate was in the bones,
That leads me to meet people
And understand the real being.
Sometimes one sentence
Can change the world,
Just as a spark will burn old reality.
I am always amazed

Large drawers,
Fat dragons with big bellies,
Swallow the pages of my poems.

Saved careless letters,
Scraps, bits of thoughts, dreams, feelings
About which I have been musing.
Scrambled words
On what you need and do not need
- Napkins from the bar,
Small pieces of paper,
Lie dormant.

Maybe someday
I will open the drawer.
From the cocoon of pages
Will hatch poems, as colorful as dragonflies,
Or like crickets chirping,
And they will fly, who knows where,
And to whom

I am a child that has not been blessed.
I stand at a street corner
With matches in my hands
And light my dreams with little sparks.
I know why it is so and understand what happened.
My clock did not strike happy hours…
Or maybe didn’t strike them often enough

I don't know,
Where you find the border of sadness.
Maybe it consists of circles like the Dante's hell.

I am pulled in deeper and deeper
By the quicksand of disappointment.
The blue heavens are closing over me.
My smile is more perfect than the moon.
It always looks like a half-moon
and leads the crowds of the observers astray.
Only the abyss in my eyes is getting blacker and deeper.
The eyes cannot lie

I wear a body like a cloak,
Patience, humility, years.
It's that time - it tore and I darned the holes.

My coat shrinks and disappears
With passing days,
Until one day it scatters and
So it is with all the coats.

And me? And what about me?
Perhaps they will hatch from the coat cocoon
And I will turn into a cricket.
It's a difficult metamorphosis,
The most difficult in life.

This is the price of immortality
Without the gift of eternal youth

I am trapped in the labyrinth of many duties.
My life like sign- posts
Predict the words
- You must
- You should
- You are not allowed
- It is your duty
I would have liked to rise higher and run away.
I know now, that the only thing I must do is to die.
Nothing more

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