Saturday, April 1, 2017




The coming of Spring
flowers will bring
and Angel Gabriel will offer
to the Virgin Mary the lily.

All yards are
full of roses and lilacs,
anemones and hyacinths,
whispering love songs.

“You love me”,
“you don’t love me”,
you play with daisies,
walking on squares
and asking for your mate.

Cyclamens and jasmines
in little vases,
beautiful and fresh
they always look forward to you.


On bed of pain,
alone, a night,
I wish I had
your touch.

I feel nostalgia,
I’m scared of the lust
and with a big pain
I cry your name.


America’s places I missed
a midday,
and with pain in my heart
I remembered… all the past.

The beautiful years
we passed together,
always in laughter,
love and affection.


Life is so beautiful,
it’s made for love,
but we never know
what it will happen to us.

So, take delight in
all this beauty
and never think
about fame and wealth.

ZANNETA KALYVA-PAPAIOANNOU: She was born in Larissa. She comes from Vachlia, a small Arcadian village. She is poetess and author. Her work has been published in national and international  newspapers and magazines. Her poems there are in Anthologies and have been translated in English, Chinese, Albanian, Italian, Spanish and Korean. Her writing has won international and national prizes. She is a member of the WAAC/WCP (which awarded her the title Doctor of Literature), of the IWA, of the “Union of Greek Writers”, of the “WPS”, of the Accademia Ferdinandea (Italy), of the Literary Club “Xasteron”, of the Literary Club of Helioupolis, of the International Society of Greek Writers  & Artists, of the «Poetas del Mundo» («Poets of the World») and many social Associations of Greece. She referred in the American “Who’s Who” and in “I. B. of Cambridge” (U.K.). She has published the books: “MEMORIES”, narrative stories from her childhood, Athens 2001. “A LIFE’S NOTES”, poems (Greek-English), Athens 2002. “LIFE’S ESSENCE”, poems and short stories, Athens 2003 and  “WITH MY HEART’S WINGS”, a collection of poems (Greek, Chinese, Italian, English and French), Athens 2005& 2007.

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