Saturday, April 1, 2017




A war of self destruction
Surrounded you
The chaos of one 's life
Yet you build the fire
With your anger and
Conflicting strife
Just One match
To burn in hell
Unaware of the
Consequences yourself
A puppet to their spell
I tried to cut the strings
For you to be released
And open up your angel wings
I was there ready
Arms opened
To catch you when you fall
I was trying to prevent them
From trying to burn your
Kind and wretched soul
I didn't know
You didn't want to be saved
So now
you're mad at me
Tell me
Has our friendship been scathed
I guess you were not really
Ready to be set free
So tell me have you let us go
You've vanished from the scene
And now l just pray and hope
But l just don't know
If you'll ever
come back here to me
Angel Bell (c)2017


I watch the colours changing
On the canvas of my life
Some colours fading
During times of struggled strife
The paint is dried and sealed
Some friendships still remain
Those true and trusted
have always stayed the same
Yet l see the dripping of
Seeping inner wounds
colours deeply bleeding
where l have been pierced and fooled
From those l had least expected
And whom l had trusted most
So l wipe the teary memories
paint upon them with new strokes
And make new room in my heart
For friends who truly love me
And give me strength and new hope
Angel Bell (c) 🔔😇2017


She aligned her pawns in order
With Precise accuracy
Her intentions were with purpose
For her sole indulgent intimacy
Every player on the board
Had a key factor role
carefull calculation
Before Her next dice roll
The goddess queen
Found her groove of
Wicked manipulation
Manoeuvring  every player
Heightened  every exultation
Gave her the greatest sense of power
Unaware she was really just a slave
To Her chest board of desire


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