Saturday, April 1, 2017




Many since then
the white winters and
the warm seasons
the rainy days and
mornings with sunshine flooded
whilst life flowed away and
you and me
under starless skies
as attracted  to remote lighthouses
far from each other
conscious or not
went to our destinies
memories of our time together
among school desks and books
seemed lost
hidden by layers of thick fog
secretly woven by the silent time
but nothing is forever
everything returns
with ancient feelings and emotions
your face furrowed with wrinkles now
the color of your hair
no longer the same
but still in your gaze
the penetrating light
of one time
@ Maria Miraglia
Jen 29-2017


How much intense the purfum
of the red rose
you brought me
last night

You went
it is still here
on the table
where your hand
laid it

Together with its scent
there’s yours  too
and I wasn't
to move it from there
Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved


The mild wind tonight
caresses my face
sweetly cuddles me
and I'd be a leaf
let it take me far
on its wings go
through valleys and mountains
cross the oceans
see from a distance
the lights of the houses
the lamps of boats at sea
reach a remote land
to hear the voice of silence
and feel one with the immense

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