Saturday, May 1, 2021





Life Is A Instant


she was torn between love

and the desire to run away from it


her heart longed for a touch

she did not want to lick the fruit though

but to bite into the pulp


a feeling as elusive as a rainbow

she sifted every day

separating the one that had eroded


a theater of dreams one of a kind

and longing for something

she could not catch

they kept her sane


was she was happy

living in the dark of her own choice




Avender Dreams


I was dreaming of lavender hills

- I run barefoot, reveling in the scent

I love dreams written with carefreeness

without the burden of years

and there is no clock measuring the time

a total trip

without energizers

mischievous soul goes mad

violet carpet padded with happiness

and the heart wants to waltz

such dreams are pure joy in the morning




A Cup Of Truth


the dusty piano was standing in the corner

dying quietly


once every keystroke

filled the heart with music


now it decorates the living room

of the people with a wooden ear


pretends to be an imaginary ancestor




ALINA ANNA KUBERSKA, a poet from Łódź, is the author of six volumes of verse, two novels and various stories. Her poetry forms part of several dozen collections of poems and numerous almanacs. She has presented her works not only in Poland, but also abroad. For five years she owned an international poetry website. Currently, she is the vice president of Association of Polish Authors (SAP) in Warsaw.

Translation – Ewa Kuberska


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