Saturday, May 1, 2021





Don't Mention Love


Don't mention love,

I'm afraid of it.

I don't want to suffer anymore.

Everything that once was has gone with the wind.

I don't want to bring back the memory of it.

Don't mention love,

I don't want it anymore.

It only creates pain.

Don't mention love,

I don't know what it means.

Because of it, I got wrinkles on my face.

Don’t mention love,

God bless you!

I don’ want to hear a word from it.

I see the love in a different shape.

For your love is poison.

Don’t mention love,

Neither do you know what it means,

If you knew it, you would build happiness.

And now you want to come back.

I don’t want that kind of love and I never will.

Don’t mention love.



Take Me


Take mi where the ears are always yellow,

Where the view is clear; where nothing is blurry.

Take me where the thorns do not sting;

Take me where the sad ones are led.


Take me where the cherries are always ripe;

Take me where people always rejoice;

Where the birds merrily sing;

Take me if such places exist.


Take me where there is no darkness;

I need light after twilight.

Take me even if it lasts a short time

So I can drive away this grayness.



I Miss You


Tonight, I miss you like never before,

I miss laying my head upon your chest.

Tonight, I miss you making me smile,

I miss your cold hands making me warm.


I miss you wiping the tears from my eyes,

So their salt leaves no mark.

I also miss those morning a long time ago

When we were getting ready for vacation.


I miss you like dried flowers miss the water,

Taking one last breath,

Even they sometimes flourish

When watered with lots of love.


I miss you…






LJUBICA KATIĆ was born in 1957 in Nikšić-Montenegro. She has been writing love, social, children´s, haiku and spiritual poetry since early childhood. Many poems have been translated into several foreign languages and represented in various anthologies. Her first independent collection was published in May 2020, a bilingual edition of Croatian-English. The second collection will be published in March this year. She is a member of many literary associations. She has won many awards and recognitions. Ljubica lives and works in Split-Croatia.


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