Saturday, May 1, 2021





Voices Of The Marginalized


There are voices in the dark

Yearning and yawning to be heard,

They are hidden, stigmatized

And some truncated.


See, they die in trauma and with trauma

They are sick of trauma

Down, downcast, downtrodden in downtown

They look yonder and they wonder

Because they are marginalized.


Hunger, poverty, segregation, discrimination

Hate, bitterness and greed against them,

No one ever cares to hear or save them.


Voices, chants, prayers, wishes and dreams

Visions, missions and assignments

They wander in chaos

And wonder in bias,

Life dawns darkness on them.


Look, hear them roar, listen, help them soar

They have wings like eagles

Let them live without shackles.




Child And Women Abuse


Children are gifts, special gifts

They bear talents and dreams

Lineages hook and line along them

Posterity anchors on them.


We kill them by actions and inactions

Abusing lives and misusing gifts,

We keep them far from peace.


We bring war carefully

And crush them carelessly

Mess them up for pleasure

Ruining futures carelessly and carefully.


Abuses, curses, and fates

Barricading hopes and love

Silencing peace and unity

Demarcating the world.


Children see hell, before being sent to hell

Women taste hell before trekking to hell

The world just hurts.


But we can keep them safe

Develop and love them better,

Children and women are lovely

Great gifts from nature

Beautiful treasures to be cherished

Yet we harm them cruelly.




NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker/author. She's a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has featured in over sixty international anthologies and has equally published over two hundred and sixty poems in over twenty five countries. She has authored twenty-three poetry books and some of them are archived in the United States' Library of Congress. She is also a tailor. Some of her poems have been nominated for both the Best Of The Net Awards and Pushcart Prize. Some of her works have also been translated into and published in some languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Macedonian, Russian, Romanian, Khloe, Polish, among others.

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