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The key to elevation to the Soul

By the Angelic Model- Activation of the Crystalline DNA - Portal, black hole ... Healed


Zamolxis dances in worship

I call Shakti, I merge with my sacred presence

I AM! I activate the solar disk model the golden one.

I now activate, key codes, sacred geometry,

the letters of fire, of numerology, my golden DNA.


The vortex a portal, twelve spirals, my DNA,

merge the future timelines, My Selves,

multidimensional, one consciousness, my Self,

Angelic Model, Golden Disc of the consciousness of My Unity.


I anchor the seventh ray, magical ceremonial.

I require the activation of the first spiral of DNA light portal

I activate the seventh ray, magical ceremonial,

The golden era, the Light God, the Legions of light.


I activate the second spiral, the DNA portal of light

I anchor the sixth ray, pacific ceremonial.

devotion, idealism, the new golden age, the portal of light.

the path of devotion with the mother, the father of my etheric self.


I activate the third spiral, the DNA a portal of light

I anchor the fifth ray of the pacific ceremonial.

actual cognition, my realignment of hemispheres of light

of pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, and of thalamus, wonderful.


I activate the fourth spiral, the DNA portal of light

I anchor the fourth ray of the pacific ceremonial.

Harmony, creative gifts, the work divine service of light

at Mother’s will, to the Father God the alignment, magical!


I activate the fifth spiral, the DNA portal of light

I anchor the first ray of divine will and power, magical,

the alignment to the divine will of my Mother, my Father, of light

with the superior mind of the Mother, of the Father God, magical.


I activate the sixth spiral, the DNA portal of light

by anchoring the second ray, pacific ceremonial,

of divine love and wisdom, they come fr om the soul of light

and flow as fr om a longing spring, the soul is magically healed.


Enchantments, beautiful words that give birth to light

in souls, THE WISDOM. If this thing is sick as a whole,

the part cannot be healthy because, all things-light

fr om the Soul, good and bad for the body, come, man as a whole,


I activate the seventh spiral, the DNA- the portal of light

I anchor the third ray of the pacific ceremonial,

Divine intelligence, my higher mind, of light

with that of the Mother, the Father- God, magically unites them.


Atman Shanti dances in worship

-I activate the eighth DNA helix, the crystal of light

I anchor the eighth ray of transcendence, of transmutation

I release any limiting beliefs and patterns of the light


of all creation, rejuvenates my body, the age of transfiguration,

I activate the ninth spiral of DNA, the light crystal

anchor the ninth ray, superior potential to passion,

to the goal, to the joy and the dream, to the joy of my heart, to the light


of all creation, I rejuvenate my body, the epoch-portal of the union,

I activate the tenth spiral, the crystalline DNA of light

I anchor the tenth ray, superior potential of the divine equality,

Of the threefold power of love, of the divine power and wisdom


knowledge and love, the earthly crystal heart of the unity of light.

I activate the eleventh spiral, the DNA-portal of light

I anchor the eleventh ray of my ceremonial,

of enlightened truth, of divine love, of the compassion of light


forgiveness, insight, love, divine understanding, God.

I activate the twelfth spiral, the DNA-portal of light

I anchor the twelfth ray of my unicos ceremonial,

of the unique consciousness of unity, portal-crystal-of the consciousness of light


I fuse with my multidimensional selves, the soul of unicos,

with my stellar family and friends of light, my multiple shapes

the consciousness I am Avatar, we co-create Heaven now on Earth!

I fuse with my whole life, helping the whole life, various shapes


The era of the Light! Mother of peace, the divine ray of the Heaven on Earth!

I now ask for the Fusion with the whole life, in a Unique consciousness,

with my inner knowledge, the cosmic Soul on Earth,

as the sacred transforming flame of Unique love in this age,

peace, with the whole collective creator, we co-create Heaven on Earth!



The choir is dancing


The sun called by us,

An arrow flies through you,

The Queen of the Throne rises.

The knot of the goddess Isis through the cloud,

Flashes on Ra, alive thirst,

Protected by Sirius' sweetheart!


When Orion of mourning resounds

And the Way is just a song

The Nile in the sky, moon tears

And the bird Phoenix is in the wind


Osiris alive, reborn,

from the goddess’ word,

Through the tears of the Nile

Osiris is dead, immortal!

Under the Amenti of the Pyramids.

Patronizes Orion’s Beloved!


When Sirius resounds with thirst

The virgin blows gentle wind,

Immortality, crazy love

And Queen Isis is on mind,


Zamolxis thirstly flees,

In a rush under the mountains, flows,

Mother’s grament of the Throne.

The kiss of the goddess steals while flying,

Under the Sea, pyramids, living thirst,

Marduk, for the goddess of Sirius!


To the ancestral Dacia

Zamolxis with the wolf in the wind,

Immortals in a mad battle,

Mother, Isis, gives them a boost!


The Key to inner divine

I Throw this Burden on the Shoulders of the Inner Divine and Free Myself!


Zamolxis - meditates


The mind and flashes of inspiration, the image in the heart?

Divine magical matrix for health, wealth!

Love and perfect self-expression, light- dream!

I act according to intuition, an infinite dream-wonder!


Universal reserve, is always at hand,

The materialization of the word, the desire, is instantaneous.

The name of Isis- extraordinary power, by hand.

The materialized truth, if I ask the Lord God,


Whatever you receive unconditionally, fr om your own Self,

fr om the fourth dimension, Brahman, He is the Absolute

it is the resurrection in the fourth dimension of You,

He is the One who has never died, he is the unborn Self.


Brahman is the Universalness that becomes the particular in us,

through Shakti je. She the Artist paints with wonderful touches,

fr om thinking an art, She the Ideal becoming real through you,

No power can destroy her perfection.


Allowed is any power that will bring heaven to earth!

The emasculate love! Freed fr om everything that held him captive!

Let each one know the truth that sets him free in the word.

Changed by the power of the heart of thought, the active word!


God my infallible source and big waves smoothly come.

Full of divine light my cell! My eyes, His eyes,

with the ears of the spirit. I hear waves of joy, I smell softly.

with Brahman..even I am, sensitive only to His will.


Sensitive I am to my intuitive guidance, God.

The divine idea takes shape, dissolves everything that does me no good!

Divine love dissolves everything that is wrong in my body!

it is the strongest substance, Harmony in me!


Trinity dialogue on the theory of totality


Brahman (elated)

When a human soul draws the heavy curtain of the self

and stands face to face with pure, divine, etheric love.

When man's life comes out safely fr om the wanderings of the ego

just like the light in a flame of eternal life,


as if he is looking at Shakti creating a world - I,

a deadly leap fr om dream – the abyss, into the reality of the essence,

When he finds in his soul unity with God,

in the consciousness of eternity, it is a sign of existence,


In the sky, light and darkness dance as a pair.

Pairs of fading stars show me untested flights,

On the Earth, life and death dance as a couple.

The dance the primitive message of the enchanted divine creation.


On the horns of prey unicorns, a new beginning of star ...

I engrave on their manes, tamed by locked virgins,

we fly like doves to the infinite star in my heart.

We taste the mystery of peace in a star, the integrated eternity.


The god Zamolxis (happy)

Beyond the passage of time and the thinking of the gods,

it is the Living and Eternal Fire, fr om which all come

and by which are all things that are the fruit of the eyes.

Everything and nothing are His breath, I smell them all

emptiness and fullness are His hands, I perceive them all

movement and stillness are His feet, in everything

nowhe reand everywhe reare His means, I hear them all

and His face is the light of all, I see them all.

Nothing is done without light, I feel them all,

Everything that comes fr om the light of the eyes comes to life and takes shape.


As lightning brings light and thunder fr om light

and the fire that overflows, so is the thought of man,

he passes into the word of man and then into his deed as a thought,

So, remember this until the lightning fire

a light and thunder pierced the heavens to the earth.

The light of man is his thought, the fortune of man

the most precious of all worlds unknown to man

Light takes power through the word, the will of man

it is the desire in his heart that spirals the intention of man

ignites the fire through which everything around is done.



The power of man begins with the unspoken word, like the seed

what sprouts, is not even seen when it catches the breath of life.

It is the light of the seed that raises it, It is the will of the seed

the earth is the one who gives it food, the water gives it vigor and life.

Pay attention to the evil thought, beware of it .... for life,

like lightning, let him go as he came, alive,

for he urges you to unnatural things, beware of life

of vain words and untruth; blows spirit in the fog,

like the dust of the field that covers your eyes, you are in the mist.

as the spider's web for your human soul and the soul of the seed.




Listen Man,

If you want healing, it is not possible to rewrite forever

Genes, alchemy!


See, dear Man,

The morphogenetic fields of the form. dancing forever,

Pattern of life - Tree?


Man of sacred light,

Holistic, unisolated fields sing eternal love,

sacred geometries.


You know, darling Fire Man

The capacity for regeneration is healing, it is happiness,

What do you grow back,


Understand, morphic - Man,

The capacity of the organization system in morphic resonance

it's all morphogenetic!


Vibrate, Man- resonance,

The fields depend on the earth's morphic resonance,

Vibrate, be in resonance!


Atman Shanti (elated)

I, the little Universe, am dying – longing now

I am the Great Universe - of Grace

The mystery that I pervade right now,

is the law - thought of the light of creation?


The correlation of the inseparable rainbow seen,

with shines - thought, sparkling wind,

with white-pink-gold lights, unseen by the longing,

With outbursts - thought Rosy - violaceus.





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