Saturday, May 1, 2021






Let Me Love You…


Let me love you…




The sun doesn’t shine, and the moon ceases to  ascending


The flowers do not bloom and lose their beauty.


The rainbow fades.


The birds break their wings


The waves stop kissing the seashore.


The wind becomes hostile and belligerent


And everything seems so gloomy




Till ….


My heart stops beating


My mind doesn’t remember


Let me love you…


For the sake of love


Till eternity and beyond.





The Sun slowly surrenders its strength

As it welcomes the silence of the night

Billowing breeze envelopes her senses and

Sends her to a melancholic trance while

My eyes are heavily laden

With silent tears that are borne from my heart’s core

Freeing them into rivers of tears

The longing for the lost soul

Leaving her in a torment state

Slowly crippling the hope for forever.

As the promise of love was abandoned.



Take Me To Your Heart


Take me to a place

Where I’ve never been…….




The sun meets the sky and continues to give light each day

as I fathom the dimness of life.


The moon illuminates the darkness of the night

as I continue to dream of a beautiful life with you.


The flowers continue to bloom

as I challenge the poignant ambiguities of life.


I can soar high like an eagle

as I continue the endless and perilous journey


The river meets the ocean

as I quench my heart with endless weariness,


I wanted to be in all such moments, but

in no other places …..


So, take me to your heart

and let me live in a

World of endless possibilities…..





LUZVIMINDA GABATO RIVERA is from the Philippines. She is a multi-awarded and seven-time Amazon bestselling author, an excellent international research journal reviewer and editorial board member, multi-awarded researcher and nurse. She finished her postgraduate courses with academic distinction and academic excellence awards such as the Doctor of Public Administration (her 6th degree). She took up units leading to a Bachelor of Law. She has published seven books, namely: A Gift ,  A Gift II , composed of 71 poems and translations of her A Gift in 5 series to 23 languages of 17 countries; Crossroads II: A Poets Life Journey –4th Anthology of Motivational Strips composed of 83 World’s Best Poets and  A Memoir of Love – A Quadrilingual ( English, Italian, French and Spanish) in various poetic forms (free verse, haiku, rhyme scheme, sonnet, and tanka); Love Spell – A Collection of Sonnets in Asian and European Languages;  A Gift III and Life Essence (Poetic Shades of Life)   All seven books became Rank 1 Amazon bestsellers. Her book, Poets Unify World – 6th Anthology of Motivational Strips is on the pipeline for publication in 2021. Also, her poems have been published in international e-zines and magazines. She has received multiple recognitions. The latest is for her literary excellence at par with global standards by Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy of India and 50th Independence Day of Nigeria by Inked with Magic. She also placed first in the Southeast Asian Intercontinental Poetry Award, which was posthumous tribute to the great poet Kairat Duissenov Parman by the Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE). She was also chosen as the sole poet from the Philippines as the Most Outstanding  of 2020 En El Continente de Asia by the Union Hispanomundial De Escritores . She is the Executive National President for Philippines of the Union Hispanomundial De Escritores. She serves as the Administrator for the Philippine Office of Motivational Strips and an approving editor of Bharath Vision website magazine based in India.




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