Saturday, May 1, 2021







The time comes before you and me.

The time lies ahead of us.

And nothing is written

in perennial clepsydras

except for our interiority

breathing in the innocence

of the words

announcing the beginning

and the ascending tenderness

of innominate bodies,

the intact spirit relishing the pure,

pristine moments of a new world

where boats are still,

opening in the blissful thrill

of a precious flame,

everything otherwise saying,

everything revealing

in a timeless time,

under the magic spell

of moonlight and ivory

recasting the tender embrace

under silent water clocks.



God Was Nocturnal


I was writing in an unknown garden

of time.

My mind was wandering

in the infinite valleys

where I found myself.

Once, I was a fragment of a broken

wing, a hidden space

of inhabited shadow.

The darkness was my path.

But I longed for the bright steps

of light.

Then, I heard a voice.

"God was nocturnal", someone said.

And his voice permeated the depts

of the earth,

the emptiness of my body,

the navels of time.

The water would explode in the fire,

bursting fixed ideas.

The cities would be large squares,

ancient ruins,

oscillating in the enigma

of overthrown indecisiveness,


between being and non-being.



Glowing Song


My hands are green,

my words are green.

I look at you.

In the back viscera

of the night,

your heart is also green.

My eyes are filled with rain.

The night is a potion

of emeralds,

your body is a tree

of enchanting birds,

and the dew inside my dreams

drives me into bright paths

of glowing songs.




MARIA DO SAMEIRO BARROSO (Portugal), medical doctor and multilingual poet, translator, essayist and researcher in Portuguese and German Literature, Translations Studies and History of Medicine, has authored over 40 books of poetry, published in Portugal, Brazil and other countries, along with translations and books of essays. Her poems are translated into over twenty languages. She is recipient of national and international prizes such as International Prize Pray of Mother Teresa,“Gjon Nikkollë Kazazi, Gjakovë, Kosovo (2019); Prix International de poésie de l'Académie Européene des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres (AESAL) 2020; 1st Prize "Versos del Pilcomayo” Bolivia (2020).



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