Saturday, May 1, 2021





Daydreams/ Reverie


Pass my days looking for you.

Golden time in brilliant hue.

Spending together holding hands,

walking leisurely along the sands.

Tidal waves wafting along.

Crooning together age old song.

Salty taste of ripples galore,

bathing us forevermore.


A desolate cafe that waits for us.

Wildest muse of daydream pass.

Staring into the pristine eyes.

Gentle strokes in knees and thighs.

Lulling music at the back.

Blind approach of baseless track.

Rapt excitement behold with ease.

Soothing sensation of gentle breeze.


Climbing up the lush green hills.

beneath the clouds, in wintry chills.

“Come my King, hold my waist”,

dragging the Queen, towards the chest.

Stunning reveries, when miles away.

Daydream ethos of illusive play.

Perhaps, we confront this rendezvous

and wishful thinking appears true.

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You lied and stabbed.....

cheated and deceived....

maimed at the gunpoint....

disfigured countless households.....

partially transformed the planet to an ambiguous grave....

devastated the whole system.....

shattered the life forces....

battered the spontaneous frame of mind....

abridged innocence.....

dismantled economy.....

brutally raped the mainstream flow....

Now, we’ve learnt to accept the challenge....

we’ll go through this too......

You tutored us to stay indoors.....

You imparted the lesson of self-restraint...

You conveyed the message to identify pollution free world....

You enlightened us to discover ourselves ironically.....

Your relentless transmission has eroded your strength....

Now, you’re weak...feeble...

Another few months wait.....

and you’ll be wiped out forever...

We’ll forget the past wounds.....

We’ll again thrive...flourish...burgeon....

Life’ll be like before and contagion you’ll be nowhere...

An advance good bye......Auf wiedersehen.....

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Color Of My Soul


Painted my soul with all seven colors,

drifting to thus lands of paradise.

Make believe world seemed honey dipped, sugarcoated,

ended with sudden sacrifice.


Holding thine hands, painted red.

Color of passion, color of love,

color of lust that drove insane,

ignoring danger and caution above.


Orange exuding warmth and joy.

Emotion, eagerness merged with this.

Brushes and palette, stained with colors,

scribbled my best for heart to please.


Named you “Sun” with an yellow hue.

Smile and gladness, kissed my face.

You touched my face from distant land,

joyride casted fire ablaze.


Green, the generous, marched ahead,

revitalizing dearest body and mind.

Promise to acknowledge my worth and hence,

crude reality leaving behind.


Trust and loyalty, followed you then,

painted my dearest love with blue.

Love seemed blind, with vision confined.

Insight trapped in colorless hue.


Powerful and dignified, indigo arrived.

Devotion, wisdom and justice ahead.

Enlightened this poor soul and hence,

resurrected from the graves of dead.


Slow and steadily violet ushers.

Energy and strength with meaning in life.

Spiritual fulfilment fosters a hike,

Gently envelops this lonely strife.


Today, there seems no color at all.

Tranquil grey and amplified black.

Lonely soul seems happy enough

without the colors looking further back.

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