Saturday, May 1, 2021





If I Can't Help


Can you hear the cries of the fallen skies,

can you feel the sighs of deceitful lies,

can you carry the chains of sorrowful pains,

can you swallow the vomit of sloppy revenge.


Can you live with yourself after breaking your friend,

selling out family around every bend,

breathing in fear as darkness descends,

drawing away from all that offends.


Can you run from the sneers and all the tears,

can you hide from the jeers of all the peers,

can you conquer the battle from cages that rattle,

can you clearly see to set yourself free.


So many traps and so many shares,

so many worries and so many cares,

if I can't help, then why am I here,

why should I always be living in fear.

Zararia Yul © Copyright






When you can't feel beyond the pain in your heart,

when you can't see beyond the tears that rip apart,

when pain deep inside is so bad you can't breathe,

and sorrow turns to anger and rage that will seethe.


Drowning in anguish which you cannot treat,

falling around in a game you cannot beat,

finding no man that will stand by your side,

having no place you can run and hide.


Helpless and broken in a cruel harsh world,

where lies steal truth as they're twirled and swirled,

hope lays shattered on paths that are lost,

happiness and sanity the terrible cost.


For every step we take there's a price to pay,

nothing is for free no matter what they say,

but ...the Spirit calls us with an S.O.S.

lifting us out of our physical mess.


Time to connect to our Godly divinity,

returning home to our sacred serenity.

Zararia Yul © Copyright




Maze Of Life


Temptations shine like shimmering jewels,

igniting desire with passionate fuels,

choices take us left or right,

into journeys dark or bright,

maze of life has many crossroads,

hidden and shrouded in secret codes,

all seems so beautiful and true and clear,

until it swallows all we hold dear.


When reaching crossroads we need to decide,

never to do anything we must hide,

always live in the open for all to see,

is the safest passage on which to be,

when held at ransom throw it into bright light,

expose it all to vision and sight,

take the path that holds no secrets,

then spiral upwards with no regrets.

Zararia Yul © Copyright




Erotic Memories


Twinkling stars spinning webs,

moonlight casting out it's nets,

lures awaken lusty passions,

tittilating deep sensations,

midnight moments wink and smile,

casting cares away awhile,

sweet surrender so divine,

entwined together so sublime,

silken hugs in joyful splendour,

velvet skin so warm and tender,

lovers quest for deep fulfillment,

soul and body in perfect agreement,

twinkling stars in total alignment,

shining down upon their assignment,

midnight moments caught in time,

erotic memories in their prime.

Zararia Yul © Copyright




Teenage Surrender


Innocent and sweet so pure and complete,

teenage love as free as a dove,

blushing faces woven in graces,

beating hearts aflame with sparks,

breathless moments shimmering like diamonds,

winking eyes that brighten skies,

secret glances that enhances,

magical dreams of kings and queens.


Glamour and glimmer in veils that shimmer,

glittering rings and wonderful things,

joyful sensation fueling elation,

carefree passion full in fashion,

first little kiss such heavenly bliss,

sweet surrender ever so tender,

teenage love as free as a dove,

reaching skies where passion flies.


Zararia Yul © Copyright




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