Saturday, May 1, 2021





Under My Armpit


How do you even start a poem?


What is that thing that stirs it out from you


Or maybe is an accumulation of facts



A homeless man pissing on a pole in broad daylight


The trash not lifted for days left to the winds to play with it


The smell of a fake winter in a losers's town



And all these are rolled up in a cigar that muses share voluptuously


Their  smoke coats me entirely so


Under their foggy glares


I walk these streets carrying a poem under my armpit


And a devilish curb on my lips




Another Kind Of Spring


Death in your vision was so appetising


So voluptuous


Oh, yeah, yeah.... With her charms inciting us to sin, to commit savage debauchery


Oh, yes, yes, poet,


You deceive yourself and us too with nymphs wearing their scythe as a laurels crown


Their thighs billowing sweet angles and


the sugar glazed nipples anxiously waiting for your slave kisses


Poet, what are you describing here it is not death


Only another kind of spring


Oh, yeah, yeah... The poet smiled guilty




Through The Glass


The seasons lost their identity


Through the glass you can't say if its summer or winter


The sidewalks look the same


Only the barren trees wearing a silent prayer on their branches


Might give you a hint


But from my armchair I can't see the trees


Only this sharp blue sky


Merciless as a torrid summer sky


Day after day, nameless days sewing themselves in nameless seasons


frozen under a cruel  sky


And me, sunk deep in my armchair


Embalmed in it


Ready to turn to dust at the first encounter with the sun, this jellybean sun


In the background some neighbor is hammering a hole


A hole into the next unparalleled universe


The only result is a crack on my window


Through which the winter, this jellyfish kind of a winter


bites me back to reality




IULIA GHERGHEI, Romanian poet of English expression, graduated from University of Bucharest as information technology expert, has published her first poetry collection in 2012 at Prisoners of Cinema Paradiso was edited by Brian Wrixon. She mainly publishes her poems on Facebook. She was also published in many e-zines or poetry sites like Destiny Poets, where she received the honour to be chosen Poet of the year in 2012. In 2015 she won the poetry contest of the Blackwater Poetry group on Facebook. She was part of many anthologies, one of them being The Significant Anthology, anthology edited by Koshy A. V and Reena Prasad. In 2020 some of her poems were translated in Turkish by Baki Yiğit in several Turkish literary magazines. Also starting this year she has her own author page on site.


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