Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Anahit Arustamyan


Like a mad river my words are flowing somewhere. Unlike my fingers the river touches many lands. I am here but you are there. I haven't heard from you since my mirage rained. Like a mad river your fable is still awake. Forgive my imagination which gave you its breath! Forgive my temptation which didn't measure the river's length! If you hear me I am in the hospital's caring hands. My cotton pillow is an embroidered snowflake. My temptation failed to run after you as it was lame. My imagination still touches the mirage which rained.


We didn't wake up late. We won't skip the dawn kissing a field's jade. Love must not be afraid of a gloomy shade. How transparent is the love's lace? How pale is the shade's face? I see you sitting by the fireplace. My eyes are travelling to find your glance. Gentleman! I think I am a tiny snowflake. Gentleman! You think I am a shiny lake. The dawn is kissing the geese to wake. The geese are creating their mystic tale. Your cigar is lit like your fireplace. The dawn is here to open my gate. Gentleman! How far is your land from my trace? Have you ever bet on a horse race? Gentleman! The dawn is here with love's face. The dawn is kissing an unwritten page.


The sea and the sky seem to be in love. The sky may resemble a giant in white. Its curly hair and a bushy moustache may picture a giant in the sea’s eyes. The sea is a mirror when the sky is calm. The sky might be chased by the winds being drunk. The sea might wrinkle its sandy palm. The sea and the sky are indeed in love. They call each other with cries or smiles.


Someone will take my place not only in your heart but on the Earth as well. I saw the swans sit on the lake. The lake is still in its place but the swans have gone way. Another spring will come again. New swans will fly to the lake. The waves will play with them but they will leave one day. Other swans will take their place.

Anahit Arustamyan

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