Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dewey Dirks


I dreamed last night
A great dragon muse came to visit me
Here in the 21st century---
Me with my cell phone, and pick-up truck,
Prejudices, internet, and electric bill
I was very frightened at first,
Because I thought maybe he was Gabriel or something
But then I noticed he looked just like a man
Except I could see the brilliant sliver spark of his soul inside him
And I thought maybe there was something on his back
Gentle and happy and honest as the day is long,
He told me hello
And invited me to coffee down at the bar.
We walked outside my house and I was surprised to find
He drove a klunky looking old car.
“Don't you fly or something?” I asked
He smiled and said, “Only when I want to do something
Like go to the sky.
When I go to coffee, I rather like to drive”
Down at the bar to my surprise he ordered coffee
And put in two sugars.
“Muses like coffee?” I asked.
“Don't you?” he asked in return
I said, “You aren't quite like I expected”
He smiled a little
And I thought I felt joy
He said, “I'll tell you a bit of a secret,
A muse just a guy who's figured out a few things
And accepted a couple ideas
Like the notion that people can grow wings
And the idea that when it's all said and done
People are pretty cool creatures
“What are you here for?” I asked
He smiled a quiet smile
And I think the bar got a little brighter inside.
He said, “I like talking.
I think I'll hang out with you for awhile and chat”
I thought for a second about what he'd said
Curious, I asked, “What do you mean
When you say people can grow wings?”
“One of the secrets of muses is our wings,” he replied
“They don't grow out of your back like bird wings---
They grow out of your head
Although they often drape down your back when you're at rest,
Which is where the idea came from
That some beings such as angels and fairies
Have wings on their backs
Just as a birds wings are made of the combination
Of bones, tendons, muscles and feathers,
A muses wings are a synthesis of ideas, heart, soul
And the great flow of life itself
Because the realms of thought and soul
Are far greater than the abilities of physiological form,
Our wings allow muses to do things
Like shape-shift and more---
They also allow us to be especially intuitive,
Compassionate, empathetic, intelligent and creative
Likewise, they allow us to notice
Much of what is ordinarily hidden in the world
And to connect much better to the grand song of life
They allow us to journey to the farthest reaches
Of places both imagined and real...
That's why we call them 'wings'
I took a sip from my warm cup listening intently
He took a drink of his coffee as well
And then continued on
“That's also why over the long centuries
Artists going as far back as neolithic man
Have depicted holy people with things like horns, antlers
And halos on top of their heads... That's their wings
It's also why shaman, and holy men
Of many religions such as catholic cardinals,
And people of high status in many cultures over the centuries
Have worn elaborate headdresses
And funny looking hats, wreaths, turbans, and crowns---
Those are faux wings
People who have real wings don't need fancy hats
Because they've already got something around their heads... Their wings
People can often subconsciously sense these wings
On those who have them
And many animals can sense them or even see them as well.
One of the most important ways that every person
Is quite unique, is the shape, style, form and totality
Of all their interactions with other individuals
Of their own kind, and with members
Of other species of animals and plants
Those interactions go a long ways in defining
What makes each of us into individuals
In fact, much of the fabric of the unseen realm
Of muses, souls and creativity is a well woven tapestry
That tells great stories of the intermingling
Of plants, animals, objects of creativity
And the fruits of hearts and souls
You might be surprised to hear
That Humans aren't the only creatures
On the planet who are creative
Now, in order to get your wings,
You must intermingle in both spirit and thoughts
For a long while with your own kind
And with other animals and plants as well
When you grow your wings they are always made in part
From gifts given by souls of other creatures and plants
Since everyone is unique in their interactions,
Each persons wings are also unique
And have a unique appearance.”
Mesmerized, I looked at his head, but for the life of me,
I couldn’t quite seem to see wings on him there
Suddenly curious, I asked, “What do your wings look like?”
“They can appear differently to different people
To some they look like tree branches,
Or kind of like lightning bolts that touch at the top,” He said
“Others may see then as a wreath of leaves, bird wings, or feathers
Or a great shining disc
We were quiet for a while then I looked at him and asked,
“What color are they?”
“Blue, or gold, gray, red, or green,
Different colors to different people”
He said with the kind hint of a smile

Dewey Dirks

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