Tuesday, December 1, 2015



" Where grass and bending flowers Grew once like the weeds The field empty and barren For lack of sowing seeds "

The old gray man alone now
attends to his dusty fields
Watering the emptiness
where the land no longer yields
He wove his web of fashions
from the tears his pains had sprung
Where once he sang of starlight
back when both their hearts were young
Then came the winds a-calling
turned to run a-hoping sure
To reach where she was lying
sharing pains they'd both endure
The gales did blow around him
precious memories, he'd miss
Drops would fall upon his lips
those that hers would never kiss
Where grass and bending flowers
grew together like the weeds
Lie meadows all but barren
for the lack of sowing seeds
The blushing, blowing Poppies
that once grew all around near
Fill the fields with memories
of the love he once lost here
Each time he treads on his land
as the wind blows 'cross the field
Not belonging, feels a longing
for the mercy God may wield

Tate Morgan

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