Tuesday, December 1, 2015




I wish we would have had more time and that it was all a dream,
I'm sorry you had to live like that with a hidden pain that we all suffer but we don't cry,
I wish we could all live forever happy and that nobody had to die,
That wish is selfish because its not my time,its not been the last 3 times my heart stopped,
This is all surreal how life goes on but I need to keep you fresh in my mind,
I wish that the tears would not have run dry and I could understand how I took you for granted,
I wish,no I know the meaning of life,its to carry on and better other lives,
Sometimes though no matter how much good you can do to change yourself insecure people will never be happy as they project,not to the face of a animal as they fear retribution.
Some people do need to sit in an institution and feel a lonely suffering that can never be replicated,
I saw a man today,he was troubled and could be the subject of ridicule,I took the time to talk to him civil,I have more respect for that man than anyone else hiding there struggle,
Men are very strange creatures,pent up about the worst case scenario,the worst case senario has happened to me a lot of times,The fear of physical harm drives most.
We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
I wish nothing,I dont really feel much,what is there to feel,apart from legacy,I am leaving an imprint,Bigger than any person who settles for less and fakes happiness,
I could spend all day trying to work myself out,but why should I..
What I do know is that the only thing that matters is happiness,and that is the focus.
Also it is my duty to better myself and be around as long as I can and set the best example I can.
We cant change people,we can put people in an enviroment where they want to change and accept it,but the change has to come from within,
I wish I could talk to you mom,the tears stream with each key stroke now,
I wish you could meet the angel thats walked into my life and lifted me from the shadows,
I'm thankful for all my pain mom as its shaped me and made me stronger...

Dave Hill 2015

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