Tuesday, December 1, 2015




from you
I want something
want to be able
to read you as
an open book.

on the empty pages
will the memories
be written
which we're
going to make
and inbetween the lines
the words are captured
that have real value.

printed sentences
were found
inside a dream
full of inspiration.

with words
they enlighten
eachother, all
through the day
them are singing
about the days gone bye
meanwhile some birds
are singing
the sound of today.

the night
will never come.
we give light
to one another
to see the path
in front of us.

an path
made out of
passion and
the hunger
that comes
from a pure heart.

purity finds
eyes which are searching
for a place to grow.

the reflections of years
which are out in the open
whispers silently
about the guardian flame
created out of crystal fire,
some people will
read about these facts
which are presented
as black on a white line.

we walk the line
- almost near to
hoovering- to be
in each others arms

Derrel and Bianca

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