Tuesday, December 1, 2015




I feel like a tree in Fall
When leafs are ripe and ready to fall
Full of unsaid things in mind
Why those leaves are painted blind
I just smile and that was all?
Oh no, my tears begins to fall
Why it's so hard and painful
Can't sleep and eat at all
Afraid to hurt you, what i should do?
Preventing myself of losing you
In every corner, wherever i look at
I see us, that you on my shoulder pat
When the leaves shaken by the wind
You are there to help of answer to find
The four years season or whatever they call
It´s you that plays, the sun of my life in this universal ball
And penetrated me with your warmth
Gives me comfort and keep from harm
If you in the dusk sets in the shore
Tomorrow you will come again that is sure.
An evergreen hope and feelings are there
So splendid as in dream, great scene so glare
But I must to wake up, the words I dare
And let you know, how i feel, when its cold my dear
For you and me, this kind of love is not a game
Give us smile, let the emotions free runs in when came.
Let´s do what the sun have said, please smile
You are my life, your laughter is my music from mile.
Don´t fall like this broken leaf
In my heart, you´ll find your soul relief.
Be mine or not, let our heart speak
Like a heart of gold, with humorous streak
That everyone around us, laughing in fits
Let us spread our wings and fly, never quit
Feel the warmth and brightness of the morning sun
In the sky levity, let's dance and have fun
It´s a long way in the next journey and adventure
Feel the serenity and happiness, togetherness in the future
Let our heart sing the song completely
And walk into passions and emotions so sweetly
Let it beat and play round and round
Sing for the whole world, at last happiness found.


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