Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Anna burgess


Free from night skies chains
Luna mortal form displayed
A fractured soul in ashes mist
A home in the woods she made

A silver hue in light she cast
A vision of beauty pure
With autumn hair and cinnamon eyes
The wonder of nights allure

The feel of breezes gentle sway
The night’s whispers sigh
An echo of wistful dreams in mind
The virtue of temperance high

Delicate dreams of yearn she cast
For sun’s casting glow
To shine its beaconed tender light
To rid of Luna’s woe

Billowing tears of ribbon red
The gesture of sorrows pain
Lifeless trees in sympathy
Of Luna’s dreams in vain

For a lonesome soul amongst the stars
Is her terrible unending plight
And here she sits an unending truth
Of beauty in the night

Anna Burgess

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