Tuesday, December 1, 2015



If lying is a crime we'd be in jail,
for we are guilty and deserved the bail;
If lying is a crime we're nowhere to be found,
seeking a new lies in silent we bound.
If lying is a crime we'd have a life sentence,
for everyday we make a brand new lies even in silence;
Keeping secrets and chattering lies behind all truths,
tormenting our own souls just to keep the lies than to tell the truth.
If lying is a crime jails are many than malls,
for every lie we make our own walls;
Building up an hindrance to prevail the truth,
because sometimes worst is the lie and hurt is the truth.
Some people lied to make a right thing,
but often it ends with sort of wrong thing;
Making success from the right decision we made,
and learned from the wrong decision we once made.

Shay Cee

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