Tuesday, December 1, 2015




It is hard to find tranquillity.
I can see a world, which is changing.
Alien forces fighting for control
Over your land your body and soul.
They are busily rearranging
The future path of humanity.
Truth a gift, which only they received.
No other ideas can be believed.
Hordes of aliens have migrated,
Settling in the lands of strangers,
Rejecting people killing cultures.
Their souls resemble flocks of vultures.
Our eyes are closed. Blind to the dangers.
God help the bleeding hearts that waited.
They don’t assimilate. Hear them call
Sharia law must apply to all.
“Oh no!” I hear your protestation.
“That’s not the truth. It’s prejudicial.
Most of them have assimilated.
Our way of life is celebrated.”
Those views are really superficial.
Their leaders want to rule our nation.
It is not just the odd fanatic.
Their preachers are quite charismatic.
I don’t reject another notion
Diversity can enrich us all
Each culture believes it is the best
But true morality is the test.
Those blessed with compassion can stand tall
Give up hatred, a poisoned potion.
Let’s share the world. Come be my friend
Many persuasions, but just one blend.

Bob Strum

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