Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sheena M. Annis


Sighing, she holds her head up high.
Thinking of all the things that she has
done and will do. Falling in love was
not in the plans.
She wasn't sure how that happened.
She was so shy and so inexperienced.
Unprepared for what this crazy world
had in store for her.
At times, depressed enough to want
to stay in bed. At other times, laying
her head on his chest. Many nights
she had cried, not knowing what
she was to do next.
It had taken much soul seaching
and rethinking of her expectations
to tiptoe slowly into a world that
had changed so much.
To aid her, she had sought help
from expert's who tried to help her
to look at the world in a different
She knew she had a long ways before
she would feel comfortable and to learn
to trust but she does not plan on being
this way for much longer.
Every day she wakes up to a new
beginning, yesterday is in the past
and tomorrow has yet to come.
Try not to dwell in this place as long
as she did. Open that door and step
out into the new day. Live free,
love deeply and take the time to
appreciate the beauty.
Sheena M. Annis

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