Tuesday, December 1, 2015




I bring you warm
Olive oil my love, energy can you carry!
It will light your life
Anytime, anywhere, any when
Softly not heavy, quietly
Caress your lips
As olive tree
With the vodka that I have drunk your laugh
I think myself of truth
When I have had a few drinks
I met who’s admirable of strong character
I can exist only under your tenderness
As olive tree
Precisely of this reason
I hope to live
As olive tree
Only with your water
Can you make necessary revival of my feeling?
I see a few sort of life promise
Revolution olive tree lives
As olive tree
Some time I sounded naïve
More often powerful
If you really know it, you need no such long read
Free heart is curiously lethargic
Of its freedom
As each patient
I believe I will recover
If I am moved to another bed
As olive tree
Its oil candle is light in your life
Even in low peremptory voice you gave sign
Even if you cannot care it
Even my past my past couldn't destroy my attraction
As olive tree
I will care you by my twigs
As olive tree
I will live for you

Larbi Houmaidi

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