Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Steven Fortune


"I don't think happiness is a permanent state; it's some kind of treaty you make with your circumstances at the time...I've been chiseling at it for years. I find that when I try to echo this thing in the bottom of my soul, that's when I do my best. It satiates this little flickering flame that won't go away. If it were to go away, I'd lose my gift. It's a remarkable condition, really. I'm glad I've got it."

-Robert Plant

Resigned refugees
of moral (read: linguistic) victories
smuggle tainted luxuries
into the melancholy
making ribald mockery
of carbon's volume in my destiny
and vibrant stories in my history
The laceration that is me
in frivolity's tapestry
is like a hushed decree
dividing hearing from what cronies see
not that many would desire to be
an uninhibited accessory
to the internal dignitary
asking after every poem 'Really?'
My perniciously-constructed head is sorry
I'm not happy

Steven Fortune

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