Tuesday, December 1, 2015




A Home Front Warrior:

She holds the forth for her
husband when absent,
she defends and upholds his
principles at all times,
extra miles she goes every time
for the sake of her household.

Her support knows no bounds,
her loyalty is without question,
like bulwark she acts in times of
from background
she launches survival missiles and,
from behind-the-scene
she carries her good cause
to public square to defend
what she cherishes most-
her household.

A True and Loyal Companion:

A good mind reader
who knows every household
with simple eye contact
she interprets messages with
very gentle and comforting her
like soothing balm on wobble knees
they are;
gossipers-she shuts down quickly,
her three-in-one-role-
daughter, wife, and mother,
she performs with distinction.

Her assurance of support
is like constant northern star,
her loyalty like moon and stars
for their regularity;
her trust she gives without terms,
household’s battle she takes upon

Like a multi-single room home-
so is her-heart,
which accommodates every
desire and concern of her
when one-of-her own weeps,
she cries,
when one-of-her own smiles,
she laughs,
when one-of-her own rejoices,
she basks in a great joy.

A blanket and fur during
the winter,
a linen in the summer,
a fragrance over a repulsive
a stepping stone in place
of a stumbling block.

A rare wine-literary
and symbolic-
that does not intoxicate,
instead it makes heart rejoice.

Wife! Yes, every time,
she Works Intensely Free
from Error,
more than a partner,
but a complement that
makes part a whole.

A complement who
fills the vacuum,
a sojourn that turns temporary
stay to a permanent-live-in,
with whom a life long journey

WIFE: she that works
intensely free from error,
a rorre or world-with Midas
torch making insufficient
sophont-identified by intelligence-
Terra is your home.

Forever, forever, and forever,
you remain a treasure,
for eternity-the pleasure
in you shall never dwindling,
and for generations-you remain
assurance of goodness that will happen.

Silas Abayomi

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