Monday, August 1, 2016




I pretend to smile always,
In the dull days also I seem to be happy and gay.
But there's lot of pain in my eyes
Cleverly hidden with lies.

But then sometimes I do break down
When life raises its problems like a frown.
Then I feel at my low phase,
Past becomes unclear and future is in haze.

At that time I need a shoulder to cry,
I need someone with whom I'm never shy.
A broad chest to cuddle along,
Two strong arms to hug me long.

Being strong on the exterior self,
Cannot always really help.
When all doesn't seem to be fine,
You need that person to make you rise and shine.

So sometimes I need someone,
With whom I can go for a long run.
Sometimes I feel there is someone,
Who can brighten my life as the rising sun.



Float like a butterfly,
Don't ever feel shy,
But sting like a bee,
So that people might see,
The power in your beauty....
Which is your duty,
To show your inner strength,
That you can cross at any length.
Never let anyone overshadow you,
Always shine like the morning dew.
Sparkle and share your love and light,
Make other's dull lives bright.
Let the beautiful butterfly float on its own
With a piercing sting like a bee in its bone.........



Her hair was like a meteor's tail,
As she walked with an aura of divinity,
And an attempt not to fail,
To lose ever her dignity.

Through the magpie woods,
She waved her feet with her dreams in her eyes,
As she gasped and stood ,
To see how moments flies.

With her soul between her bosom,
On the luscious green carpet of grass,
There was more than enough room,
To lay without any fuss.

Naked like a child,
She was a woman so mysterious and wild.
No one could dare to touch her,
She looked as an angel fallen from the sky so far.

Let her walk alone with her majestic splendour,
Pure,innocent and heart so tender.
Untouched by earthly sins of any kind,
She walks with a gracefulness of a blessed mind.


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