Monday, August 1, 2016



The sun and the moon never meet to wed.
A spider is used to its web.
There is something called a destiny's frame.
Being painted with the brush of a pale shade it never allows anyone to escape.
Romeo! Have you found your Juliet?
A human's life is a drop of rain.
It gets lost in the ground to appear again.
There is no destiny after death.
There is something which is called space.
Your earthly tears might be something else.
They have turned to the cranes which are flying sails.
A human's life might be calm or mad.
However it drips like a drop of rain.
Romeo! The moonlight can kiss your Juliet.
Romeo! Don't be sad!
Your lips might be there.
Your wedding might be held.
There is no destiny after death.

"To be or not to be"!
This question is in my mind, dear Prince!
The earthly truth is sometimes on a lie's knee.
Hamlet! Shakespeare's ink gave you life in the Earth's reality.
Who can count all the teeth chewing honesty?
Those teeth were the nails in Jesus's body.
A lie's teeth can still chew the truth's tongue, dear Prince!
The thorns pricking you can still pierce.
That's why you asked yourself to be or not to be!
To be, of course to be with the nature's melody!
The stars are even older than their immortal mystery!
The sky's eyes are the guards of your nobility.
Hamlet! You were invented to be!
The earthly truth is this, dear Prince!

Hello, clown girl! What is sketched on your painted face?
There's some air in the balloon which is in your hand.
No, your destiny won't be a script but a wrinkle on your forehead.
King Lear cried but his crown didn't help.
The air patting the globe hasn't changed its shape.
Do laugh, clown girl, as a comedy may be a gone page!
Do cry, clown girl, as a tragedy can scratch its old stage!
O, this round stage! It still keeps your mystic dance.
Talk to the stage as quickly as you can!
Your time is limited as the air in the balloon in your hand.


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