Wednesday, November 1, 2017




The rhapsody playing in full swing
All dancing and singing
In a euphoria of maddening love
and bliss while she was sitting
alone far away from the crowd
tapping her feet with no rhythm
Dreaming of the rapture !
Her glistening face and curved lips
speak volumes of her heart's longing!
Few lights shining bleak
for the lovers cuddling and kissing
Fragrances of Jasmine and Rose
Lingering around her beautifully carved body with no movement to the tune!
Her soul searching for a blissful
time and dance among the euphoric crowd to the rhapsody going on
playing various instruments beautiful!
Her wait seems to be non ending
Wanting to walk away from the
loud musical drama going on
But her heart says .. wait he is
on his way with flowers for you!
She is dreaming of the rapture
Endless waiting making her listless
She is covered with fragrant petals of
Rose and Jasmine, yes she is waiting to join the colourful crowd dancing away
dreaming of the rapture !
Throwing  off her full gown to the crowd
only the strapless dress crimson red
she looks divine for a lovely dance!
How nice it's going to be
with the euphoric crowd  dancing  in rhythm and melody !
©® Sarala Balachandran


Don't let the blossoming love in life die
Nurture it with passion from your heart
Let the love shine like daffodils in bloom
Giving everyone a loving feeling
Let your love be nurtured by the nature you will glow like the morning sun
The world full of hatred and fear are killing us today
Let love cure this world in turmoil !
Love and hugs to all from me in and around the globe
to sustain everyone in harmony !
©® Sarala Balachandran


Swimming in this mundane world
For years now
I am swimming against the tides of time
Going round and round in this whirlpool
I am sure to get sucked by the quicksand I know
Holding on to my Gods hands I keep swimming in this dangerous whirlpool
I felt  a step where I can put my foot
And save my life for sure !
I have faith in Him when I see His smile
That I am safe in His hands !


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