Wednesday, November 1, 2017




If you see something goes the wrong way,
it won't help much to wait for someone's reaction;
it's better to make small steps every day,
it's much better than not to take action…

There was no time in human history
when just waiting for things to go right
would have the results they really wanted to see:
Changes usually don't come just over night

Try to live up to the change you truly desire,
live and give proof for what you think is ok:
If it's done right you might start a bright fire,
giving way for things that maybe will stay

You can start a way which you should go
by making changes that are just small:
If you just keep going, it's fine to be going slow;
just don't stop - so you won't stumble or fall

You need to be opening to your mind;
it's necessary to be open with your heart:
See, feel, listen - don't pretend to be blind;
think about how you can make a good start

If you have no idea what you could do,
you might know someone who has this know-how:
Even if you on your own might have no clue,
the right time to start is always now

Just don't give up before you thought it through,
for it may be something great for all;
it may become a movement that even grew:
So don't go on to sleep - this is your wake-up call


They live behind bars
but didn't commit any crime
even if they might be stars
they don't really see any dime

they live in a small cage
suffer for a time that's long
they more than earned a wage
but they are not where they belong

they live a life in chains
at zoos and circusses - no natural way
just for a moment, because it entertains
often until they die before their time some day

their suffering is not really seen
because it's not a very nice sight
even if visitors know where they should have been
they love when animals step into the spotlight

it doesn't have to be like this
there are much better ways to see
animals can be such a bliss
but they really should be free


How come you keep to say
you know me so very well?
You don't even know my way,
about my life there's nothing to tell

We never ever really met
or take time to take a walk:
What kind of impression did you get
that you think I'm here to talk?

Even to a stranger I don't know?
Was there something that I missed?
Didn't my reaction clearly show
that by now I really feel pissed?

Yet you force talking to me…
Can't you feel I rather be alone?
Are you even too blind to see?
Or is your heart just made of stone?

Do you confuse yes and no
or did noone teach you the difference?
Don't you have another place to go
instead of telling me about my "offence"?

You claim to know me better than anyone
without giving  me any proof
- but if you don't, I just want you gone
- even if you might think that I'm aloof

If you stay, I'll have to defend,
because there are rights you don't pay attention to:
If there's no time with you I wish to spend
you're doing me wrong - in case you have no clue

I have the right to say no to this
I have the right to express any thought
there is nothing that I feel I miss
I'm not some thing you might have bought

I am not rude - I told you before
there's nothing that I want to do:
I don't like this conversation anymore;
I simply don't want to talk to you


Here I am again
just waiting for you to appear
I've been walking on this lane
but it's different now, my dear

I have learned from what I went through
I made mistakes because I had no clue
how painful it would be - for you, too
but I didn't want this to happen to you

I promise I will do my best
to be able to stand any test
to let you know what I feel inside
there will be nothing that I hide

I will do what you ask me for
be anything you need me to be
I want to help - deep down in my core
to help you set your real self free

I am sorry if I caused you pain
I don't want this to happen again
so I'll stay here - through storm and rain
for I want your happiness to remain

I'd like to be the one you can count on
I won't leave easily - unless you want me to be gone
just because for you I like to be right there
because for you I deeply care


Did you ever get to feel
something in your life is wrong?
Like there's some wound that needs to heal,
like you're somewhere you don't belong?

That is when you start to change
because some things should rearrange,
because each step into the right direction
makes you get back the lost connection

You slowly start to find a way
let your heart be your only guide:
You will feel better with every day,
you might find out who you really are inside

Follow the light inside your heart,
because else you're missing a big part:
You'll be more happy, live with compassion,
not just according to some fashion

Things start to fall right into place,
the darkness around seems to disappear
-even if there are some challenges to face:
Just walk on, no need to fear

With time you'll leave the darkest night.
a better place comes into sight:
You'll start feeling that it'll be alright,
if you keep trusting and follow your inner light


BRITTA HOFFMANN: She was born in June 10 1970 in Bremen, in Germany. The last school she visited was Schulzentrum der Sekundarstufe II Lange Reihe, which is also in Bremen, Germany. She made her "Abitur" and left school in 1989, to work for Telekom as "Fernmeldeassistentenanwärterin" until 1992. She got married in 1991, and has 3 daughters. She always loved to read books, as she still enjoys reading a lot, so she thought it would be nice to write. At the age of 34 she started to write. She is writing about different points of view, about how circumstances can change persons, about how to overcome difficulties in life or how someone can experience different situations. Sometimes, she just likes to try out something new, when she writes. She is fascinated by rhythm within speech and rhymes, so this is how she likes to keep up her poetry.

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