Wednesday, November 1, 2017




I saw Death
with my own eyes
not in a movie
not in a poem
not in Wagner's “Tristan und Isolde”
but in my own flesh and blood
and although I still go
to the supermarket
to the butcher's
to the doctor's to check
my blood pressure
the sugar in my blood
the neurons in my brain
although I drink my glass of red wine every evening
although I reach the climax when I copulate
I know IT is there
in the back of my head
and I shout to you out there
to send me prayers
good vibes
positive thoughts
but all I hear is
the echo of my own words
filling your mouths
when you shout back
and beg for mercy
and all I can do is
show you my bare hands
and give them to you
to read your own story
in the lines of my palms.


at dawn
broke the glass case
and went to bleed
on the sheepskin

turned over
his wife's photograph
drank his coffee hot
looked nervously
at the reel of seconds

the day was young
light creeping
between thin letters
buds burst open
at the crossing
the traffic jammed
honked like mad
with the twisting of bodies
and the virgin cry


I thought I'd heard
a child cry for help
when I passed the lake
yet, on turning my head
all I sensed was snow dust
on its frozen mirror

we'd take a torch
to light our passage
through the snow
towering the path
I was aching with fear
at the thought
that the white roebuck
might cross our steps
rumours went about
that even the wolves
would weasel out of its way
only the cursed maid
who had dared
to cast a glimpse
would now roam about
moon white
in her torn gown

I would hear
the cry of lambs
rent by wolves
in the crux of night
and the whistle of trains
ghosting by
never slowing to stop



  1. Each of the poems by my dear friend and accomplished poet Dr. Aprilia Zank - NOT IN A MOVIE, DAPHNIS AND CHLOÉ and ECHOES, has been chiseled by her with care and concern for the theme, thought and mood it wishes to convey! As one reads these poems, a strange yet calm disquiet pervades one as if these poems wish to convey far more than what we have interpreted from them...This truly is a great quality of these poems as one wishes to give them several reads to delve more and more into the hidden meanings and symbols. Well done, my dear friend Aprilia ! Kudos and respects.

  2. Warmest thanks for your insightful comments, Paddy. They are, as always, highly appreciated! And what a felicitous wording,"a strange yet calm disquiet pervades one", to describe my poetic intentions. Thank you again!

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    1. Thank you kindly, dear Maria, very much appreciated!