Wednesday, November 1, 2017




A leuco star on his brow, an ox-head mark on his haunch
The horse, on the same day by his rider, born and dies
As unknown as Fate, and as easy as Might,
Bluer than Macedonian skies are his wall eyes.

His shadow is an emerald tear falling on the world
The mist in the Druid forests clears,
An arrow shot off from the castle of sun
In battle fields takes the revenge Nemesis.

In his ear the whisper of a Delphian oracle
Wind washes away the King tombs in mountains,
The light in his glance hides the secret of Sphinx
Whilst waves beat the Temple steps.

It was day and night that breeds life and death
Eagles were guiding the Thessalian Bucephalus,
Aristotle’s student cut the knot with a sword
From a deep darkness to a far luminous.


Only bodies come and go,
The Spirit arrives and departs
To and from the destination
Of an unknown destiny.

Furious Faust says: “Miracle
Is the dearest son of belief,”
And mischievous Mephisto
Replies: “Dear friend, all theories
Are pale. But the golden tree
Of life is alive and evergreen.”

The difference is feeling of sorrow
Conscious dreams of shadows.

Not appearance, but apperception,
Movement, metamorphosis, ad infinitum.
Observing the unobservable
Stars make landfall upon Nederland
Before the rise of the Sun and Moon.

A prehistorical moment
Concrete and inconcrete
Make life and death at last meet.


Time gave me new eyeglasses
That shows both near and far;
To look at the World from within a poem
Was the most real Virtue among virtues.

Time gave me new eyeglasses
That shows myself and everyone;
To look at the Hope from within a human being
Was the very self of Truths.

Time gave me new eyeglasses
That shows stars with crystal lenses;
To look at the Freedom from within a universe
Was the most harmonious of songs.

Time gave me new eyeglasses
That shows darkness and light;
To look at the Sun from within a sky
Was the most beautiful of revolutions.

Time gave me new eyeglasses
That shows life and death;
To look at the Eternity from within a heart
Was the most wonderful of loves.


VOLKAN HACIOGLU was born in Istanbul, Turkey on 26 September 1977. He earned B.A. in 2000, and then M.A. in 2003 both at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. In 2006 he matriculated in the Ph.D. program in economics at State University of New York at Albany, College of Arts and Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in 2010. He lectured courses of Æsthetics at Nazim Hikmet Academy. Since 1997 his poems, essays on poetry and poetry translations appeared in various journals and magazines. Hes has six books of poetry published. He is the-editor-in-chief of the international multilingual magazine Rosetta World Literatura.

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