Wednesday, November 1, 2017




There is an oracle
With a miracle,
Higher than the pinnacle
To make you twinkle.

You will twinkle
When the Oracle
In the pinnacle
Brings you a miracle.

If your miracle
Does not twinkle,
The Oracle
Is on the pinnacle.

A miracle
From the pinnacle
Is an oracle
To twinkle.

A miracle
Is a pinnacle
That an oracle
Makes to twinkle.

The miracle
You twinkle
From the Oracle
Is a pinnacle.


The pinnacle
Shelters an oracle
That gives miracle
For people to twinkle.

When the pinnacle
Does twinkle,
The Oracle
Stamps a miracle.

The pinnacle
And his miracle
Tell, an oracle
Can also twinkle.

From the pinnacle
Perform a miracle,
With the Oracle
And twinkle.


You are an oracle
So please twinkle,
You are a pinnacle
And also a miracle.

The Oracle is a twinkle
The pinnacle is a miracle,
Twinkle like oracle
The miracle on the pinnacle.

The Oracle
On top the pinnacle
Can twinkle
Your miracle.

That Oracle
Performs a miracle
In a twinkle
From the pinnacle.

When an oracle
Proves a miracle
It is a twinkle
From the pinnacle.


O Oracle, my pinnacle
The pinnacle of my miracle,
Twinkle me to my pinnacle.

Twinkle O pinnacle
Dig up my miracle,
Dear Oracle.

Twinkle miracle
Widen, dear Oracle
Build up my pinnacle.


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