Wednesday, November 1, 2017




she had no idea
he'd been watching her
she was his inspiration
his everything
he painted her face
on the surface
where his heart and soul
joined as only one

she didn't realize
the love in his heart
she was the red rose
among a field of daisies
nothing about her
was wrong in his eyes
not a hair out of place
but beauty and grace

he claimed her as his
he even gave her a name
she was Lily of the Valley
she was his Candy Cane
no one could replace her
even after she left
this world for another

the years that they shared
were moments he'd cherish
from the day he met her
to the day they betrothed
until the day candy canes
became sweet memories

God bless Candy Canes
and other sweet nothings
as she sings with the angels


Thank you,  God
for all that you do
for holding my hand
and giving me strength
for listening when
others turned their heads

Thank you,  God
for all you've done
for loving me
and dying for me
when I was only dust
before anyone
ever saw my face
and before I  could say
hi, my name is...
before I could thank you
with my own lips

Thank you,  God
for being there
for the forgiveness
I never deserved
and for the love you gave
just because you cared



hear the whispers
in the trees
listen with your soul
seek wisdom
in the winds
never let it go

treasure the moment
let it dissolve
into your very skin
learn by listening
to the depths of your soul
heeding to the winds

hear the whispers
in the trees
listen with your heart
seek wisdom
in the winds
and ne'er let it depart


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