Wednesday, November 1, 2017



on my desk..
I picked up my pen
Staring at them gently
I tried to hug my wondered thoughts carefully
A deep breath was taken
A part of stress was thrown
A wall of hesitation was broken
But what’s the hell!!!
What’s the hell!!
A motion was built up inside of me
And I couldn’t recognize the feeling accompanying me
Joy or sadness!!...tranquility or rebellion!!
Loneliness or congestion!!
I stood up in front of the mirror
Pondering what’s the error !!..

The clock ...
The clock attracted my attention
With its tic-toc...tic toc ..
The rain was falling on the window’s glass
Drop by drop...
the midnight shined on the clock and on my heart ..
But ...The fear of the world
the hesitation of words..
had trembled me again
I thought of a break ...but I didn’t take
So I  came back to my desk again

Staring at the blank pages
asking myself:
Am I the emptiness of hearts?
Am I the contradiction of world?
Am I the heaviness of earth?
A thought with a joyful smile took off all the wonder
And hugged my mind...Saying ..

I’m your  new story...
Are you ready to get  rid of  bad memories
And  hard circumstances..
Come on … Don’t hesitate …
Throw your pains behind you
As you need me to fill your emptiness...
I need you to take from my fullness
the love, the success, and the happiness ....

I’m like the earth ..
I carry the world on my shoulders
I always wait that human being irrigates me with love
Not blood
I would like to see the faces happy not sad
But ....what  should I say ?!!!
I’m your today...
Hug me tight without care
of what  was diminished in yesterday
or what will appear in tomorrow.

Few  scenes were clear while others were frozen..
I stared at the rays coming out from the desire of sun
I hold them tight and together we had great fun..
I stared at the white papers the the flow of the ink
The shadow of my  words was black ,grey and pink ..

I stared at the passion of moon and the patience of stars
I admired how they were laying on the  darkness of night ..
They were enlightening all the sides with fraternity and love
Not with violence, racism or fight ...

Holding the heat of your love
And a spontaneous smiles stolen
from the the virginity of dawn ..
I’m walking on the bold bridge of missing
Holding patience of words and rebellion of feeling
I’m walking on the blessed bridge of spirituality
Holding the depth of faith and  the belief of God’s eternity
I’m walking and in my heart many emotions are running
to kiss the breeze of morning and hug the whispers of evening

I’m walking on the peaceful bridge of silence
Holding the war of love and the peaceful existence
I’m walking and all my paths are leading me to you
I’m walking and my life has no meaning without you


NASSIRA NEZZAR is an Algeria writer. She taught English language at  university for 8 years and taught at a national institute also.She has a diploma in tourism (superior technician) ...She adore discovering new cultures and new languages ...She has one book published entitled/ Familiar strangers (collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride) ...She has collaborative works (poems ) with the American author John E Wordslinger.. Nassira Nezzar also has many participations in different international anthologies( The Other Side Of  The Screen, Love is like air, Women beyong and within the shore, Verses on racism, resistance and refugee crisis and an other anthology Metaphor of modernity . You could find her writings on the following website:

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