Wednesday, November 1, 2017




I go to meet God
In the beautiful temple
But I never find God there
For I am too simple.

In the place of God
I ever find the priest with big belly
And the embellished idol of God
Every time I found myself silly.

Now I realized the God is sold
For the temples have become shops
Innocent people donates every time
But never realized their hopes.

We also make mistake
For we searched God in the stone
Never served any diseased human
We are such a heartless crone.

We know many things
But still we remained ignorant
For the path of realising God
Is ever  forgotten.
© Narendra


I am the best
When I am alone;
Dumb mob is cruel and
It is just a dead phone.

Unfamiliar we all became
To whom I give my call
For we are just shining things
Decorating a dead mall.

Love has dried
Affection we have forgotten
Relations have become formal
Traditions have become rotten.

We have gained lot vices
Still shining with golden jewels
Never have the time
Just meet on the mail.

I am crazy for each my relative
I am crazy for my all citizens
Be together and live together
And take this bond on the horizon.
© Narendra


I ever look forward
With great hope
For in the past
I don't have to grope.

Every moment  of life
Would become a bubble
With optimistic views
Life becomes double.

Adversity and sorrow
Make strong for tomorrow
They ask, by only this way
We have to grow.

Each moment of life
Takes our test
He is the wise
Who puts his best.



  1. mesmerized poems excellently wrought

  2. Love your poems
    Excellent innocent pure joy touching

  3. You moved me heart resounds and echoes your poems
    How mesmerising intoxicating your poems are
    Very nice lines compact rhythmic flow very peaceful n close to life and life very close to reality n heart