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All things you have made fine      in their season

the tendernesses of Love   the razor of our reason

hollowed out the canyons    where the waters fall

celestial lights above          beneath the crickets call

the tilt of cattails              swaying in the wind

golden heads of grain         awaiting harvest to begin

Dressed you have the cosmos           ever so brilliantly

every tree and snowflake             no two alike will ever see

no man within his lifetime          has every star he named

surrounded by this beauty          and still your name defamed

without amino acids                no living cells could form

repeating fractal multiples                    are natures patterns born

From the Rift unto the alpine         equator to atoll

hot spring forests to tundra       arctic ice to freeze the pole

from furnaces of volcanoes            rises an archipelago

diversity in all nature           is geologies creative goal

Crystal caverns outback deserts        to our rolling dunes

around the planets circuits       are orbiting their moons

Every color     many hues                pastel to iridescent

architecture in every room            the making of life pleasant

but mankind is filled with anguish               and acrid bitterness

the things they’ve chosen to pursue              is causing such distress

where character is more bankrupt        than a homeless man

the individual only ego              subjective is the every plan

Suffering among the nations      its depth difficult to express

world wide is the concern               we shall not escape its death

counting all the ages  man       has butchered his own kind

to control the the masses          do  religious leaders blind

It is your eulogy          we are seeking in our mind

seeking every path of truth       you wish us to find

Like our heartbeats               pulsing from within

driving the force of visions         to their final end

made you have us           from the dust of earth

every living thing here        from this ground

did give its birth
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Your face is ever before me
like a painting etched in sky
as the dusk of dawn approaches
still seeking the reasons why

I would set upon your head a crown
before you would I bow
with affection would I clothe you
if knew I only how

Every sight of you is pleasure
your voice to me a song
every feeling within that’s stored up
to be empty of it wrong

Never have eyes seen so much
stored in a well of man
fought have I with resistance
It’s course for me unplanned

The mountains into the valley slide
the path of which you spake
to empty there every river
like the fig in wind does shake

My ear has heard its calling
like angels in the wind
the words of a heart falling
to reason its amend

Every note has played its key
upon us did aria descend
the chords of exultation
a song can none pretend

Every key has its own note
every scale its own cry
every sound of truth you hear
will every lie defy

You are my beloved ones
none can you replace
in every place I seek you
to have my eyes upon your face
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

(or exercise)

It’s that time again                 an hours journey
and walk among the orchards         of the past
abundant with ripened fruit    in the sunlight
filtering down         winding trails through the
meadows and then down        to the tide pools
to watch the seabirds glide            on thermals
and look for whale sign.
Since you aren’t here with me          I will have
to take you along the journey              with me ,
where we can treasure this                  together .
Here I can take you down                    this cache
of times with warm lamp-lighted paths         in
verdant gardens         where the rise before us
opens into       a vast pantanal wetland in full
bloom whose vista reaches   a golden horizon .
Places richly adorned and ready for exploration .
Where we can imagine building tree houses next
to Iguazu Falls or sailing    down the Yangtze in a
world filled with such possibilities.      These are
thoughts that eddy around those   spaces of my
thinking one of my happy places .       Hiking in
the tropical paradises and sailing the currents
of life in all her regions yet to be          traversed ,
places where we can venture upon narratives
and stories of the past           and things yet to be
future . The one we should be               intent on
building with visions              that reach into the
deepest ardor             for all that life has to offer.
To look up        and be bathed in starry wonders
where the phenomenal energies     are bursting
to create something new         and wonder at the
source of it’s power ,                   but I have barely
begun to explore here ,               the salt marshes
and estuaries           with a sampling of creatures
who move like silk  through a rivers tributaries.
To drink this in           and yet never be full of the
need to be sustained    by all the earths endlessly
engaging endowments .         A nursery to such a
great diversities and the cycles                 that are
hardwired into everything     we have explored
and will yet put to investigation ,             delving
until we have those answers .         But sometimes
just a days voyage      into regions yet unexplored
can shape our minds          with the ability to see
past the trivial and mundane matters that many
seem to lumber in , or a temporary escape from
the millennial march of world governments who
are rightly depicted      as “predator beasts” who
trample upon the earth . While we can decry the
injustice for which       a mere six thousand years
of writing              has so well revealed , as long as
predators rule the people will cry .          So walk
awhile today                  in the true gifts of life and
know that those          “were to be freely given” to
the many           and not to be hoarded by the few .
Walk upon natures trails and regions         when
you need to lift your voice                   in praise for
the real life that is a mere                   glance away .

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2017 Poetry of Providence

C. MICHAEL MILLER-Poetry of Providence: Voracious reader , love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, , love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and introduction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy , art , science ,history , and the great teachers who's words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time ,complicated   simple , thoughtful , inquisitive , love the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe . Research on anything I want to learn ,exploring new areas love the back roads into the hills , writing and screaming on paper. People watching , inciting others to think,

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