Wednesday, November 1, 2017




I demand the darkness to leave
Bring the light flooding in
Help my heart to reach for the SON
Lift my hands towards the stars
I demand to love
I choose to sing~

The beauty of all things
I want to grab~

The healing of life
I kiss your face~

No more heartache
No more hurt
I demand solace
I want to sit in the chair of loveliness
I stand in victory
Darkness you are no more~

This is a new day
Bring on the rain
Bring on the sun
Kiss my eyes with starlight.
Kiss my heart to yours
Even if I go away
My love for you will be forever
And ever more!!

Please don't forget me~
Debbie Brooks, @


My Heart Searched
once for truth and love
no tarnish
free from harm~

Where is this tranquil place
a place made of gold
to wrap me in arms of silver
with a bronze crown of bold~

Oh the desire to sing
the desire to be
unlock these burning chains
as I cry out in a victorious scream~

I cry to dream, like the times of old
filled me with almighty wonder
not a world of promised tomorrows
longing for a place where pain cannot enter~

Give me love like a melodic song
on a river of that carries me along
tell me oh please where a place might be found
something so wonderful and profound
my burdens seems to play me a burden
where serenades play on forever~

My heart is still searching
still sinks in my heart
will I ever heal
this darkness that evades my soul~

Once for love, and lots of truth
signals my tears to find an embrace
if I only knew this place was real
then maybe I could find some peace~
Debbie Brooks @


Friendship and all its invisible angles
Forms a serenity with stars in my eyes~

Every time friendship blows into my life
It singlehandedly holds me till death
When the friendship ends
Being ripped into - is the norm~

Maybe friendship in all its glory
Fades like everything else in my life
An elusive mystery, a well-kept secret
From the beyond~

At the end of my life
When I really will be alone
Sitting in the morning in fifth
The sun peeking through
Doesn’t mean a thing
As a teardrop breaks me down~

What happened to the friendship?
How did it die?
How do I define it?
Friendship in its disappearing act
Like none you have ever seen~

Friendship shouldn't make you feel less human
Friends should surround you
Not to regret our friendships
Just analyze true faces for sure~


DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD has been writing poetry since she was a little girl. Poetry is her first love. She is an Author for forty-eight books; you can find her on and Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

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