Wednesday, November 1, 2017




No man has no deep heart with genuine joy
That is coming from inner heart
That should be kept well in life
Regarding as beautiful as the stars sparkling light

Let life be in grandeur of genuine joy
As long as this world is as large as the sky
That brings advantage for human life
Before coming into the silent land

No one dislikes joy in the lives
Since it is the glory of Almighty coming up from human heart
That is spraying up to the edge of the world
It will be the candle of lives from rhe beginning till to die

Let genuine joy be grandeur in the lives
As long as the holy soul be in the lung
Is like the basement of building on the earth
Which seems so beautiful to be gazed

Joy is something arising from inner feeling
Is like a rainbow coming up for a while
Many men want to chase but it fades away
That merely an  impression be left to say good bye

Let the joy be in grandeur as lighting
That brings happiness till the end of lives
Regarding as the moon in the dark evening
To enlighten lives from born age up to die


Every things ,even human never be inseparable from gorgeous
It is natural that may be supported
Something considering as beautiful may be a glory of Lord
That never be blamed or praised

Let something be gorgeous to be a strong in the lives
Mean while one will not be in wrong way to choose
Or determine something,which is not glory
Though it is not pretty but makes one's heart comfortable

Instead of expecting something with useless thing
Therefore, many wishes be gorgeous
It is a fantastic life to achieve a goal that be an ocean to his living
So far it is known all the flowers in the garden love one very much

Let life be gorgeous that this world will be bright
As long the ocean will not be coming up from now and then
That the glory of love is like the bottom of the sea swimming
To know how deep glory of Lord there be found

And the stars in the shy will be sparkling
Never says to be tired to urge gorgeous
That might be come up as like a bunch of flowers
Be drawn as an angel coming from the paradise ofGod


Everything is in Lord's hands
To decide what it will be in life
As long as the power be in His mind
To thanks for Him before coming to the end

That's a principle be kept always
Determination is a glory of Almighty given
Is like a daffodil in pocket of man
To decide what it is that be kept always

Let determine something accurately
That this world will be smiling to see
A red red rose even will be saying true
As long as the lives be in consistence

Let everything be in confidence
That might not be a false assumption
That the heart should be purified
Before determination is coming up

Let this world be so cunning to determine
That all the flowers are dancing not to sneer
How value of life be in determination
Since it seems to be a strength

That brings success in the lives
As an achievement be like flower in the lives
With full of struggling,,,with full of struggling
Before the holy soul is saying good bye


Love is something like ocean
Which may not be said more than a billion dollars
For it sprays an interest of one's heart
That love is not really a blind one

If love has a meaning to one's lives
That may be a moon in human life
To give a lighting in the moonless night
When a ship is sailing in a large ocean so as to say

Love which is like ocean never hurts one's heart
Caused by mutual understanding for love
One's heart will be a fuel of heart to another
That will be blooming in mind as long as the breath in blood

If love seems like an ocean
The earth will be smiling to see the couples kissing each other
When one says :I am in love,and thy love is like an ocean
And you may have a sight seeing how far the ocean be gazed

That's the consequence of love be drawn as large as ocean
Whereas the love is from the blood of mind
To think over and over what a rose of love will be in side
So far the sun will be giving shining as well as Almighty will be giving a glory


Though love has no color
It can urge what is being liked
Enlivening human existence with happiness
So as to bring red flowers in the lives

As long as this world is surrounded by gardens
Where as the blue sky indetifies
And smiles for a while rather than crying
Might bring paradise for no coloring

Though love has no color
It makes one's heart be charm
That love is nature of man to welcome
As long as the breath will be a nest for the flesh

Let love be charm,,,let love be charm
Though it has no color for living to stay
As long as it has eyes to be charm
And the sun will be giving shine for lightening

That love will be true in mirth
Make no confusing to love rather that hate
Though love has no color for living
No confusing to love rather that hate

Makes life be true in mirth
if love is achieved from the beginning up to die
That brings a hope of charming
From the first start up to the end of the world


This life seems so fair
It is like the rainbow in the day time
That brings man to supreme striving
For struggling life

Let him be a lion to sustain
That the country will be golden paradise
Since struggling is for the lives
Wherever he is from now and then

Let him be a lion to sustain
To make the life be golden paradise
Since the sun gives grace
Though it is a hard working,striving

But it brings lighting to human lives
For the sake of the loving country
Whereas the supreme lives is not an image
That should be noticed before dying

Let this life be like a storm
Making sea be rough like an evil
Once man knows how it is
Before the sky is brightening

That is a message
Be kindly obeyed,if not life will be spoilt
For the strong image in the day time
Let him be striving for the brightening day


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