Wednesday, November 1, 2017




Where darting sweat never lied,
Plopping blood never feared,
And violet and blue hopes hung by the knob,
Vehicular mockery ran up and down the wooden body,
With souls of scraped love and bodies of stained lust,
They still walk in and out! Can you see?

Sucking in days of dust and smut,
Like creamy makeup on its skin of glass,
And dollops of rain streaming down its pane in pain.
Janus-faced footsteps in top hats and toothy grins,
With conspiracies stealthily breathing,
In folds of their black flower lapels,
They still walk in and out! Can you see?

It beheld pink births and blue death,
Inhaling their first and last breaths,
And clicked them with its mirrored glass,
Creating chiaroscuro when they entered and exited,
They still walk in and out! Can you see?

Its owner is no more, the carpenter is dead,
They killed him chiselling his chest with the axe.
Sinking time in the bottle whelping histories,
The door is nothing but an anthology of tales.
It is a part of him still caged in obese with grief,
Standing as a traditional fare in the platter of the beetles,
Tell me can you set it free?


The porcelain empyreal
Blended itself
Like a bride
In the palette of
Amber blush.
It contoured its
Cheek bones of mounts
With liquid onyx,
With ruby mascara
It mascaraed its lashed rays
That curled down
On the waterline of its eyes,
And with the orange veil
It cloaked & hid its
Shy face covering and
Containing the sky.


Those hollow cheeked,
Phantom limbed,
And emaciated visions,
Drag themselves,
Closer & closer,
Creeping and Crawling,
Into my veins to clot,
Till I sluice them out,
On naked sheets.
Yes, my favorite,
Are those 3AM thoughts.


NAYANIKA DEY is an Indian poetess, born on October 29, 1993 in Durgapur, West Bengal, India. She is a Naji Naaman Literary Laureate 2017, with the honorary title of member of Maison Naaman pour la Culture and also bears the "Wordsmith Writer" title. She is the recipent of "The Enchanting Muse International Award" and is conferred with "Fellow of The Regal World Of Cribes (FRWS). She did her Graduation in Accounts and is currently pursuing Actuarial Science from IAI. She has been writing since she was 15. Her poems are published in a number of national and international journals and anthologies. Some of them are, The Criterion: An International Journal In English, Galaxy: Multidisciplinary Research Journal, in an American journal, Feathers, Oh My Sweetest Love- A Timeless Treasure, Let The Pen Speak For PEACE: A Poetry for Peace, IMMAGINE & POESIA” 2017, Italy, The Peace Anthology – People against Genocide: Stop Chemical War in Syria, Pilgrims Of Peace, Our Poetry Archive, Symphony of Peace, Rock Pebbles. Her writing skills can be confirmed on a number of websites like being one of them. Her poems have been chosen as 'Poem of The Day from A Member' many times .  She has been an invited delegate in many International Poetry Festivals, 10th International Poetry Fest at J.K.C College, Guntur, Pentasi B India World Poetry Festival being some of them. She has also co-edited poetry anthologies and is a preface writer of “Withering Dreams” by World Icon of Peace and Nobel Prize Nominee 2015 Poet Muhammad Shanazar of Pakistan. She is a member and a contributing writer of the prestigious journal, Rock Pebbles.

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