Thursday, November 1, 2018




Ripeness makes things sweet-
don’t taste the early
fruit; leave it
to time. It leaves the fruit alone
to become fully


The Great Absence is
here again-
within me, round me.
Lord of Mercy,
lead me to the place
where I never am!


He was ready to refuse
the pleasures of all kinds
in which his beloved didn’t take part
and to pass hundreds of miles
following the myriads of his footsteps
for he hadn’t seen her for long,
for ages-
since yesterday.


ARMENUHI SISYAN- writer, poet,  professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University. Author and co-author of  several training manuals for students. Her works  are translated into  11 languages: English, Japanese, French,  Italian, Chinese, Polish, Russian, German, Persian, Spanish and  Albanian languages. Member of  Writers’ Union of Armenia since 2007.  Board member of  International Writers Association Pjeter Bogdani  in Brussels (IWA).  Member of Japan Universal Poets Association, (JUNPA), Kyoto. Author of  8 books: Her stories and poems  widely anthologized, frequently appear in top Armenian literary journals and published in different literary magazines and anthologies abroad. In 2012 օne of her stories ’’The Handbag’’ was awarded among the best stories of the year. In 2013 April her book “Hey, Noah!” was the 2-nd among 10 bestsellers in Yerevan. In 2016 her book ''Longing  For 1000 Years'' was awarded to the Poetry Prize of 2016. In 2018  received the Prize of  Writers Union of Armenia  and Ministry of Defence of  Republic of Armenia. Her translations of Anglo-American poetry of XX century  from English into Armenian were published in the “World Literature" quarterly. Participant of different international literary festivals and programs. In 2012 (July-August) she got a scholarship for spending  2 months in Vienna  invited by Kulturkontakt Austria program. In 2013  was a participant of ''Genova International Poetry Festival'' (Italy) from Armenia. In August 2013  was invited to Switzerland  by the organization Chateau de Lavigny and had readings there-prose and poetry (Geneva and Lavigny). In 2013, 2014,  2015,  2016   was participated in International Literary Festival ''Literary Ark'' in Armenia. In 2018 was invited  to Japan to ‘’Kyoto Poetry Reading 2018’’ Festival.

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  1. Heart touching and overwhelming. Totally loved it💯