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NilavroNill Shoovro


Dear readers, how many of us are really worried about the ground realities of the everyday headlines of human sufferings around the world? I’m quite sure that all of us are aware of those headlines thundering on the television screens as and when we switch on our TV sets or set our eyes on the morning news papers. We know what is happening around the world. But I have every doubt that very few of us are really worried about the stark realities of these calamities of the present time. People are dying from man made famines to missile attacks, from unholy civil wars to economic collapse. From state sponsored terrorisms to fight for independence. These are the everyday headlines of twenty first century. Yes we know, that people are dying every day elsewhere, but not in our locality. We are safe. There is no Famine, no war, and no economic collapse in our country or in our surrounding localities. So our life is going as usual as it should be. We are too busy to ponder over these happenings elsewhere. The people those who are suffering and dying are not of our nationalities or ethnicities. They are foreigner to us. We know little about them. We don’t feel any affinities with them either. Although they are the same human beings as we are.

No, nobody is ashamed of this type of reasoning as it is quite obvious that at first we have to survive in our own life. Our life is so fast and furious that there is little room for anything else other than self interest. Yes we all know it very well that this is the order of the day. So our mindset has also been formed accordingly. That is why the pathetic pictures of the starved peoples of Yemen, the pictures of the war ravaged devastated cities of Syria Iraq Afghanistan Libya, the everyday deaths of the civilians in Palestine and Kashmir the exodus of the Venezuelans where the national currency has lost its all credibility, the situations of the illegal immigrants of Africa and Syria are of little importance to us. We are not at all bothered about these details, the sufferings, the situations. Nor even about the root causes of these stark realities. We believe we are not entitled to address these calamities nor have the power to save the sufferers in any way. So we can only watch the situations in our spare times. Or hope for the better, that the world leaders will take the responsibilities to change these disorders to save the common peoples. Yes usually we think along these reasoning.

And that is the main reason, for which we never try to fathom deep to uncover the veil and find out the root causes of all these evils of the present time which force the people to suffer and die in such an inhuman way. So the legacy of human sufferings continues. And we the common herds of the human civilization help the legacy to continue.

Dear readers you may start thinking, what is the relation of an editorial of a poetry journal with all these political issues. Yes, let’s try to find out the relation, if any.  Literature is not playing with words at all. Literature is the expression of life. Literature gives us the true meaning of our existence as human being. Not that our life depends on literature or poetry. Any one of us can survive and even thrive in our materialistic life without even build up relations with literature or poetry as a whole. We all know that it is quite possible. But dear readers, literature can never survive without establishing any direct relation or having any affinity with life as a whole. So we understand that literature depends on our life. And our life depends on everyday politics. Actually we live in this political world. Nobody can escape from the surrounding political situations. So, how true literature can escape the everyday politics? If we are honest with our creativity, can we keep our literary activities out of the realm of this political world? Not that we have to write up political poetry. That is not the point of the argument. But how can we deny the present sufferings of human life in our inner soul. How can we just play with words for the sake of literature forgetting everything? Literature demands human compassion. Without which literature becomes just jumble of dead words. Void of life. Who would like to read that poem which is just a formation of words and sound without any true soul? And to bring out that soul in our poetry we need to establish a direct relation with our surroundings, with our present time with human compassion. Do you think keeping yourself insulated from the present world would bring that soul in your writing? I’m afraid, that is not possible at all.

So keeping ourselves insulated from the human sufferings, from the tragedies of political events; even if we try to be creative in literary field, all our creativity will be lifeless without any true soul within. Nobody would recall our poetical brilliance for a second time after going through that sort of caricature of poetry devoid of true soul. And to bring out that true soul in our literary creativity we have to be compassionate enough not only to feel for the sufferer but also to find out the true causes of the Evils that prevail in the political domain of our world. This is the responsibility of a true poet. Not that our poetry will change the world, but it can be reflective of our time and situation in a true manner. Where, reader can find a true soul which can communicate with its time and sufferings.

Alas, most of the poetical activities of our present time fall short of this benchmark. As we have lost our compassions, our sympathies. As we are too busy with our own self interests. As we have started believing only in materialistic development of our personal life. We like to publish books in our names. We like the literary fame and celebration of personal goals. We thrive for individual achievements. So, most of our literature and poetry of this present time have lost their true soul of humanity. Keeping all these in mind we at Our Poetry Archive are trying our best to make people aware of our own follies. We have focused on these areas right from the very beginning of our journey. We hope our literature will be more reflective of our present time with true human soul within.

Dear readers, here we are again with this present number of ‘Our Poetry Archive: NOVEMBER 2018 Volume Four Number Eight.' This is a general issue and we are glad to introduce you with more new poets in this number. We hope readers will also enjoy their talents along with others' poems. This month our Poet of the Month is poet C Michael Miller of U.S. Readers will find her interview with our editorial panel much interesting. Our heartfelt thank goes to the poetess for her acceptance to our invitation.

We would also like to request our readers and poets alike, to introduce Our Poetry Archive to their friends and relatives who love the music of poetry.  Anyone who wants to showcase his or her literary talents internationally is also most welcome to OPA. Any talented poet can send at least 3 poems and one current profile picture along with the explicit confirmation of their permission to publish his or her copyrighted materials in OPA. Our mail address is

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NilavroNill Shoovro.
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