Thursday, November 1, 2018




Blow on my heart,
send sadness away
hold my hands
Get inside me.
Take me in your arms
let me hear
The strength of that grip.
Let me take her with me everywhere.
Feed me with your word
take care of my wounds.
uphold me
You who are love.
You who are poetry.
You who are purity.
You who lead my life,
I entrust myself to you every day
show me the way.
To you that I love you
above all things.
To you my God


Come, on this day of celebration
come and knock in the depths
of my little heart,
so confident and pure
welcomes you with all your love
that feeds for you.
Pray for me,
accompany me along
the path of faith.
Give me peace
let it burst like
a rainbow of light
to illuminate the way,
every day of my life.
At any moment live in me,
my soul rejoices
the greatest gift is you
my beloved Jesus


Like gull wings
memories, fly away
in the wind
And then ... just one detail is enough
And they come looking for you
You're always in my mind
And ... I relive you like yesterday

Between endless memories
With our lives
and our stories
Like gull wings
to tell you that I love you
I shake your hands
I take you far


ANTONELLA TAMIANO: Painter and writer Antonella Tamiano was born in Lecce, where she graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Over the years she has participated in numerous exhibitions of a collective and personal nature, winning prizes and trophies. She has worked in several schools in the realization of projects, on the study of painting, the history of art, on creative and figurative writing.

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